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Did Leonardo DiCaprio ditch $33,400-a-head Clinton Fundraiser because of links between his charity and $3bn Malaysian Embezzlement Scam?


Leo DiCaprio’s decision to pull out of hosting Tuesday’s Hillary Clinton fundraiser may not have been due his busy schedule after all, it has been suggested.

DiCaprio, 41, handed hosting duties for the $33,400-per-guest event over to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, saying he had to finish his latest film for the Toronto Film Festival in September.

But now some are speculating that he dropped the show because his foundation has been linked to a $3billion embezzlement scheme – at a time when Clinton’s own foundation is under scrutiny, Page Six reported.


Pulled out: Leonardo DiCaprio pulled out of a presenting job for a Hillary Clinton fundraiser Tuesday, saying he was too busy working on a film – but some doubt that claim.


Scrutiny: It’s been suggested that he dropped the gig because his foundation is under intense scrutiny – just as Hillary Clinton’s (pictured in California Monday) is at the moment.

On Wednesday The Hollywood Reporter published an article that revealed The Leonardi DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) had been linked to a massive Malaysian scam. 

Approximately $3billion has been embezzled from 1MDB, a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund.

According to the Justice Department, Jho Low, 35, a Malaysian businessman and drinking buddy of DiCaprio’s, spent an entire third of that sum by himself.

Low is said to have helped the LDF by buying marked-up champagne bottles at the actor’s birthday party in 2013 and paying $1.1million for art at an LDF-funding Christie’s auction.

He’s also said to have donated a Lichtenstein sculpture worth $700,000 to the LDF for another auction.

This, the Justice Department argues, is how DiCaprio’s foundation – which last year announced it had given $15million to global conservation efforts – became a cog in the globe-crossing scam.

Malaysian money is also said to have funded DiCaprio’s pet project ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ having been funneled into its production company, Red Granite Pictures.


Accused: Malaysian businessman and DiCaprio drinking buddy Jho Low, 35, is accused of siphoning billions in Malaysian assets and giving some of it to DiCaprio’s Foundation.

But DiCaprio isn’t the only one with a foundation under scrutiny; the Clinton Foundation, used by Hillary and Bill Clinton has long been a target for Republican criticism. 

It has taken donations from politically troublesome parties like Saudi Arabia and the private military contractor known as Blackwater (now Academi).

Questions were raised about whether some contributors to the foundation had been given preferential treatment during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

And just today Donald Trump demanded that the Clinton Foundation be investigated.

This, Page Six suggested, is the real reason DiCaprio won’t present the show Tuesday: To avoid questions about both Foundations at a crucial political time for Clinton.


Donations: Low is said to have spent $1.1million at a fund-raising auction for the foundation, among other expensive efforts to help it along.

However, it also quoted ‘a source close to DiCaprio’ who denied the claim.

‘Leo is stuck in New York until Wednesday to finish his current project in time for it to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival,’ the source said.

‘Not wanting to leave Hillary hanging, Leo called his friends Justin and Jessica and asked if they would host.’

DiCaprio’s documentary ‘The Turning Point,’ which chronicles his global warming awareness-raising efforts, will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, which starts September 8.

Also on Saturday, DiCaprio and supermodel girlfriend Nina Agdal, 24, were involved in a minor car accident in the Hamptons. Neither was hurt.


Pals: DiCaprio’s people say he was too busy working on new movie ‘The Turning Point’ ahead of September’s Toronto Film Festival, so gave the gig to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. 


Source: The Daily Mail

Are Clinton’s Laundering Personal Charitable Giving Back To Themselves Through The Clinton Foundation?


Hillary Clinton gave $1,042,000 to charity last year, with $1 million going to the Clinton Family Foundation, according to her 2015 tax return released Friday.

The Clinton Family Foundation is a charitable vehicle used by the Clintons and an entirely separate entity from the scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton acts as the foundation’s president while Hillary Clinton is its secretary and treasurer. Chelsea Clinton is the director. They do not compensate themselves from the group.

Almost all of the money the Clintons have written off as charity on their tax returns was given to the Clinton Family Foundation. From this foundation, the Clintons then cut donations to numerous charities including the American Nurses Foundation, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation, and Georgetown University, among others.

The Clintons have donated to other Clinton-linked groups through the Clinton Family Foundation on a number of occasions. For instance, the Clinton Family Foundation donated $250,000 to the Diplomacy Center Foundation in 2014. Hillary sits on the group’s board of directors and acts as its honorary co-chair.

The Clintons initially wrote off millions of dollars on their taxes that ultimately ended up at the much larger Clinton Foundation. The family foundation’s largest contribution every year since 2007 was made to the Clinton Foundation.

Between 2007 and 2014—the last year that a Form 990 is publicly available from the Clinton Family Foundation—the Clintons have given $14,959,450 in total to charity. Of that amount, $14,769,000 went to the Clinton Family Foundation. From the Clinton Family Foundation, $4,312,000 was passed off to the Clinton Foundation—or nearly 30 percent of the total amount given to the charitable foundation.


Below is a breakdown of the flow of money since 2007:


The Clintons recorded giving $3,083,100 to charity, with $3,019,000 going to the Clinton Family Foundation. That year, the Clintons donated $300,000 to the Clinton Foundation.


The Clintons gave $550,000 to charity, all of which went to the Clinton Family Foundation. The Clinton Family Foundation then donated $1,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation.


The Clintons gave $1,000,000 to charity, with all of it going to the Clinton Family Foundation. That year, the Clinton Family Foundation kicked $150,000 to the Clinton Foundation.


The Clintons recorded giving $1,000,000 to charity, all of which went to the Clinton Family Foundation. The Clintons then paid the Clinton Foundation $125,000 from the Clinton Family Foundation.


The Clintons gave $1,400,000 to charity in 2011. The Clinton Family Foundation received the full $1,400,000. After these transactions, The Clinton Family Foundation then poured $352,000 into the Clinton Foundation.


The Clintons gave $1,825,650 to charity, of which $1,800,000 went to the Clinton Family Foundation. The family foundation sent $220,000 to the Clinton Foundation that year.


The Clintons donated $3,078,000 to charity in 2013. Of that amount, $3,000,000 was given to the Clinton Family Foundation and $57,000 was given to the Clinton Global Initiative. That year $300,000 went from Clinton Family Foundation to the Clinton Foundation.


The Clintons gave $3,022,700 to charity, with $3,000,000 going to the Clinton Family Foundation. The Clinton Family Foundation then kicked $1,865,000 to the Clinton Foundation.


The Clinton’s 2015 tax return shows $1,000,000 donated to the Clinton Family Foundation. The Form 990 for the Clinton Family Foundation is not publicly available, so the amount given to the Clinton Foundation is not yet known.

Clinton’s campaign did not return a request for comment.
by Joe Schoffstall | The Washington Free Beacon

Bill & Hillary Are The Bonnie & Clyde Of American Polyticks  

“The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a money laundering operating parading as a charitable foundation where estimates are that 90% of revenue is spent on administration”.


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