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Deception is at the heart of warfare.
The fake news media runs cover for the antics of the violent Left, not only on the streets, but in the halls of government too.
Judge Kavanaugh’s advise & consent sham hearing was always a search and destroy mission for the Leftists and their Deep State allies.
The globalists’ shadow government is in panic as Trump is about to reveal their crimes.
He must be stopped at all costs; the Republicans must lose the midterms.
Appearances, theater, feelings and perceptions are more important than facts, logic and truth in this lethal shit show.
Winning is the only option; heroes must rise face defamation and crush our enemies – destruction & delay, seek & destroy, DECLASSIFY & DEVASTATE!

Yale Cancels 31 Classes so Students Can Protest Kavanaugh


Yale Law School canceled 31 classes this week so that students would have a better opportunity to protest Brett Kavanaugh.

Professors at Yale Law School canceled 31 classes on Monday so that students would be better able to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

A report from the Washington Free Beacon detailed some of the cancellations. James Forman, a criminal law professor, canceled classes after hearing that some students were traveling to Washington D.C. to protest Kavanaugh.

On Monday, Yale Law School students gathered in a campus building wearing only black to demand a full investigation into the accusations. Many of the students were able to participate in the sit-in demonstration because their classes had been canceled.

Yale professor Nicholas Christakis, who was at the center of the Halloween costume controversy at the university, criticized the student protesters on Twitter. “For civil disobedience to be praiseworthy and serious, protestors must be willing to bear the costs of the then-extant sanctions. Cancelling class so that students can protest, and doing so only for one end of political spectrum, seems hard to defend,” Christakis tweeted.

Nearly 50 Yale Law School faculty have signed a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee demanding a full investigation into the accusations against Kavanaugh.

“With so much at stake for the Supreme Court and the nation, we are concerned about a rush to judgment that threatens both the integrity of the process and the public’s confidence in the Court,” the letter said. “Some questions are so fundamental to judicial integrity that the Senate cannot rush past them without undermining the public’s confidence in the Court. This is particularly so for an appointment that will yield a deciding vote on women’s rights and myriad other questions of immense consequence in American lives.”

Source: by Tom Ciccotta | Breitbart


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