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First Muslim Congresswoman Rashinda Tlaib: “We’re Going to Go In There and Impeach The Motherfucker”…

Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib was sworn in today as one of the first Muslim women in Congress.  As a self-described Palestinian-American she represents Detroit and the surrounding suburbs, and is being heralded as the new voice of the Democrat party.


To highlight Representative Tlaib’s professional and political ideology; and showcase the progressive resistance intent her regional constituency provides to the United States Congress; Ms. Tlaib delivered the following message to her enthusiastic supporters:


Yes, this is the modern professional Democrat party:

“We’re going to impeach the motherfucker”.


Source: by Sundance | The Conservative Tree House


Congresswoman Flees From Reporters Asking About “Impeach The Motherfu*ker” Comment



“If you’re unapologetic about your comments, Congresswoman, why not talk to us?




RED ALERT: Trump is in grave danger!

CAVEAT: There are only 2 reasons why the unprecedented gas lighting has been so intense and never-ending: (i) to compel Trump to bow out however he chooses so that Mike Pence can assume the presidency, or (ii) to prepare the populace for a radical coup event which a great majority will accept without protest or long-term dissent.