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Most Used Weapon of Control: Our Fragile Poor Food Supply

Marjory Wildcraft rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the condition of our food supply. People are unaware that food is the most used weapon of control used by Governments worldwide to control groups of people. They discuss historical examples and how our food supply is at risk. She also explains how the poor nutritional content of our food is destroying our genetics. A problem that must be solved.

Learn more about Marjory Wildcraft at https://thegrownetwork.com/


Salvation Army Opens Its 1st Nonprofit Grocery Store in Baltimore to Combat Food Deserts


The nonprofit opened its first full-service grocery store in Baltimore on Wednesday in what it hopes will be the first of many stores to help combat the nation’s number of “food deserts,” which are disadvantaged neighborhoods lacking stores that sell fresh meats and produce.



Hot World War Approaching Quickly [video]

Israel has taken a major step forward toward starting war with Iran – a war which will lead to hot world war.

Plays best at 1.5X speed