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Clinton False Flag in Chicago Right Out of Alinsky Playbook


On Sunday former presidential candidate Ben Carson told Fox News the disruption at Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last week is a tactic right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook.


“If you read some of the left-leaning writings of people like Saul Alinsky, you understand exactly what they’re doing. This is part of the plan,” Carson said.

Alinsky’s infamous “Rules for Radicals” does not explicitly encourage violence. However, according Alinsky protégé Nicholas von Hoffman, in private “he would say that violence has its uses.”

Clinton was a follower of Saul Alinsky and met the Chicago community organizer several times in 1968 while writing a Wellesley college thesis (“An Analysis of the Alinsky Model”).

“Clinton’s relationship with Alinsky, and her support for his philosophy, continued for several years after she entered Yale law school in 1969,” writes Alana Goodman for The Washington Free Beacon.

Alinsky was fond of the young law student Clinton. “Since I know [Alinsky’s] feelings about you I took the liberty of opening your letter because I didn’t want something urgent to wait for two weeks,” replied Georgia Harper, Alinsky’s secretary, in response to a letter (see below) Clinton sent inquiring about his book, “Rules for Radicals.”

Shortly after Bill Clinton was elected the White House instructed Wellesley to bury Hillary’s thesis. “After the call from the White House, Wellesley’s president, Nannerl Overholser Keohane, consulted with lawyers and closed access to any thesis written by a U.S. president or first lady, a rule affecting only Hillary D. Rodham’s thesis,” writes Bill Dedman for NBC News.

On Saturday political insider Roger Stone told Alex Jones the disruption and violence at the Trump rally was a false flag staged by Hillary Clinton to discredit rival Bernie Sanders.

“The entire conflagration in Chicago is a Hillary Clinton operation,” Stone said during a phone interview. “Frankly, I can’t see Bernie Sanders having anything to with it this is not his handiwork.”

In addition to Clinton, Stone implicated George Soros, MoveOn, David Brock and Media Matters for America and “the reclusive millionaire, Jonathan Lewis.”

By Kurt Nimmo for Prison Planet

Dr Ben Carson identifies Hilary Clinton as a follower of Lucifer and as an associate of Jesuit trained Saul Alinsky

imrsDr Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon and Presidential candidate who recently dropped out of the elections. Carson made some amazing comments recently while endorsing Donald Trump at a press conference. 46 minutes into the conference embedded below, Carson explained to the media that he was backing Donald Trump because Hilary Clinton was a cohort of a communist named Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky was a Jesuit trained communist, who was instructed by the Jesuit’s on how to overthrow America by infiltrating the political system. The Jesuit’s have been infiltrating and overthrowing governments for centuries, and they were banned from multiple nations over the years for political intrigue and assassinations. President Obama was trained in Saul Alinsky communist tactics by a Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo. Galuzzo was the director of the Saul Alinsky group called The Gamaliel foundation.

Saul Alinsky wrote a book called ‘Rules for radicals’ that was dedicated to Lucifer (the true god of the Jesuit Order). The book ‘Rules for radicals’ is a blueprint on how to destroy the US constitution and bill of rights, and turn the country into a fascist dictatorship. Rules for radicals is also a training manual for hardcore leftists (the left is controlled by the Jesuit Order) who are now aiding and abetting the Islamic invasion of Europe. The left are being used by the Jesuit Order to destroy the Judaeo-Christian nations of Europe and they want to do the same thing to America. Rules for radicals instructs leftists on how to use hardcore and extreme tactics, to defeat their opponents and force their agenda on people. The UAF (United against fascism) in the UK use these kind of tactics to shut down any criticism of Islam in the UK. The UAF has been linked to a number of radical Islamic terrorists, and it also recieves funding from radical Islamic groups in addition to government funding. Most of the UAF members are college aged communists with some Muslim members. The UAF is in fact a UK government protected and funded street army that violently attacks any group that disagrees with left wing policies and Islam.

All these violent, extreme and aggressive left wing communist groups are controlled by the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit’s are using the left to destroy nations within so they can orchestrate their Islamic invasion of Judaeo-Christian nations and fascist agenda without any opposition. Donald Trump wants to preserve America’s constitution and defend it from an Islamic invasion, so the Jesuit’s are using their Saul Alinsky trained communists (Hilary Clinton and violent protest groups) to stop him. The tactics of the Jesuit controlled extreme left communists is the same in all Western countries. Anyone who opposes: mass Islamic immigration, collapsed borders (for a world government) and financial looting of wealthy Protestant nations; is attacked with violence and intimidation. The well funded extreme left will manufacture hysteria and lies, while shutting down their political opponents with organized violence so their free speech is shut down. Saul Alinsky trained communists are trained in community organizing, which involves shutting down their opponents with organized violence and mass hysteria. President Obama was a Jesuit trained Saul Alinsky community organizer, just like the community organizers who organized the recent violent protest at a Donald Trump rally which resulted in the cancellation of the event. According to my research the chaotic protest which resulted in the cancellation of a Donald Trump event, was organized by Jesuit Saul Alinsky trained community organizers. The extreme leftists involved in the Donald Trump protests are paid to do this according to my research, because the hardcore left are a very well funded movement. The leftists in Europe who violently shut down any protest against radical Islam are also paid to do this as well. In conclusion the extreme left wing communist movement which is funded to defend Islamic domination and a world government is a major tool of the Jesuit Order to ensure the destruction of wealthy Protestant/Judaeo-christian nations.

Carson’s comments sited in this article occur at 46:00

Source: Reptilian Dimension

How the Jesuit’s use the Jews to disguise the fact that the Jesuit’s control and lead the New World Order and Illuminati

If you do a search on the internet the majority of conspiracy researchers believe that Jews and Zionists are the leaders of the New World Order and Illuminati. Researchers claim that wherever you look in politics and big business there is a Jew who is in control. To the untrained eye Jews seem to be in very important positions of power.

Casino_(1995)_Soundtrack-FrontBut if you wish to understand the Illuminati and New World Order you need to look at how the Italian Mafia operates. Have you ever seen the movie ‘Casino’ with Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci? This movie is based on true events. In the movie; the Italian Mafia secretly controls the Tangiers casino in Las Vegas. The Mafia orders a union boss to invest one hundred million dollars into a casino the Mafia controls, as the Mafia are the real controllers of the casino. The Mafia employs academic Jews to manage and direct the casino’s day to day operations (Phillip Green and Frank Rosenthal). On the surface it seems as if the casino is owned and controlled by Jews, but this is not the case at all. In reality these Jews are managing the casino for an Italian crime syndicate, and if they don’t obey the orders of the Mafia they will be shot. The Mafia uses the casino as a money laundering operation and skims millions of dollars from the casino as they truly own it. It has been proven that the Italian Mafia have owned businesses in other people’s names for years. Basically the Mafia gives someone money and tells them to buy a business so that it seems that; that person owns it, but in reality the Mafia owns the business and completely controls it.

Phillip Green was the Mafia and Jesuit front man

Above: An actor in the movie Casino plays the role of a Jew who was made CEO of a Casino that was controlled by the Mafia and Jesuit Order. The Jew is put in the spotlight while the true owners and controllers hide in the shadows.

frank rosenthal show with robert conrad at the stardust hotel 8/22/77

Above: The Jew Frank Rosenthal hosts his Casino based TV show. Rosenthal was also a senior director of the Tangiers Casino which was owned and controlled by the Mafia and Jesuit Order. Rosenthal was just another educated business manager managing a piece of the Vatican’s empire.

Many conspiracy researchers have pointed to the current US president Barak Obama and his communist training. It is clear that Obama is implementing a communist/fascist revolution in the United States, as his executive orders and desired policies seem to contradict the US constitution. Obama’s executive orders and programs seem to mirror those of communist countries, so it’s clear Obama is following a communist model. Many conspiracy researchers point to Obama’s Saul Alinksy communist training. Saul Alinksy was a famous communist Jew from Chicago who worked for the Jesuits. It has been proven that Obama was politically trained with Saul Alinsky’s communist doctrines, but most people don’t know that Alinsky worked for the Jesuits. Saul Alinksy was just another Papal court Jew who wrote Jesuit communist teachings in books, which were used to train future political leaders who would man the world Jesuit empire. The Jesuits would never put their own names on their communist training books as they hide in the shadows behind others. As discussed; the Jesuits first choice of person to hide behind is a Jew, as it’s the Jesuits intention to blame the Jews for everything.

Jesuit Priest, Greg Galluzzo. Director of the Alinsky communist Gamaliel Foundation

From 1986 Greg Galluzzo (a Jesuit Priest) was the director of the communist Gamaliel foundation where both Saul Alinksy (until his death in 1972) and President Obama worked. Obama worked as a trainer and consultant at the Gamaliel foundation where he learned Alinky’s communist Jesuit teachings. While Obama worked at Gamaliel it was directed by a Jesuit. It is clear that Obama had some kind of Jesuit training while he worked at the communist Gamaliel foundation from 1985-1988. For at least two years Barak Obama was trained and in submission to a Jesuit (Greg Galluzzo). This is extremely important as this clearly proves the current US President who is doing more damage to the US than any other in history; was trained in politics by a Jesuit (Greg Galluzzo). It is clear that the Jesuit’s at a minimum taught Obama how to destroy the US through: immigration, executive orders and communist ideologies. It is my contention through extensive research that the Jesuits continue to control Obama and most of the world today, as the Jesuits are the leaders and controllers of the New World Order.

The Gamaliel foundation says this about its goals, “Gamaliel’s goal is “to assist local community leaders to create, maintain and expand independent, grassroots, and powerful faith-based community organizations” that have the power to influence political and economic decisions that impact cities and regions.” (Wikipedia)

The Gamaliel foundation was clearly a powerful organization with much political power and it was run by a Jesuit and

A Jesuit communist book with a Jews name on it. Classic Jesuit misdirection.

trained future Presidents and political leaders, it also was a place littered with communists who were Jesuit trained. Obama was in fact trained by a Jesuit controlled organization before becoming President. But notice how Obama is always connected to the well-known communist Jew; Saul Alinsky. Alinsky is very well known and even famous as a communist and Marxist. Well known musician Ted Nugent has appeared on radio shows such as Infowars a number of times, and has explained how Obama was trained in communism and Marxism by Saul Alinksy doctrines, but what people like Ted don’t know is that it is the Jesuit’s who controlled Alinksy. Alinksy is merely a Papal court Jew. A Papal court Jew is an academically bright Jew who the Jesuit’s and Vatican would employ to manage their finances and businesses. Jews have historically been very good accountants, and the Vatican and Mafia have used them over the years to manage their finances and businesses. But make no mistake; the Jesuit’s and Mafia are in control, if a Jew does not do as he is told, he is simply assassinated or punished. Alinsky worked directly for the Jesuit’s and the Jesuits trained Obama in Marxism and communism as ordered by the Jesuit Greg Galluzzo. The relationship between Galluzzo, Alinksy and Obama, shows us how the Jesuit controls nations and political leaders by using the Jew as a buffer to disguise their control of nations. The Jesuits are extremely cunning and intelligent and they rarely make mistakes, but by placing the Jesuit Greg Galluzzo as director of the Gamaliel foundation, they clearly showed that they controlled both Alinsky, Obama and the Gamaliel foundation. The protocols of the learned elders of Zion are also a Jesuit created book. The protocols were originally written as a book called, ‘The secret instructions of Borg Fontaine.’ The instructions of Borg Fontaine were written by the Jesuit Order as instructions on how to take over the world, however the book was later re-formatted, edited, renamed and put in public circulation to further blame the Jews for what the Jesuit’s were doing. I’m certain Saul Alinksy’s communist books were written by the Jesuit’s (and Alinksy maybe helped with the publication and editing), and the Jesuits then put these books in circulation to train political leaders such as Obama. When citizens get angry about what is happening to their country they would connect  Alinsky with Obama and then blame the Jews on everything (This is what the Jesuits want you to think). Fortunately we can link the Jesuit’s to Obama and Alinsky through Greg Galluzzo and the Gamaliel foundation, and we can know it is the Jesuit’s who are behind America’s political turmoil.

Above: Jesuit communist training that Obama undertook under the supervision of Greg Galluzzo (a Jesuit Priest)

The Jesuit’s need someone to take the blame if the New World Order and Illuminati is ever exposed and attacked, and that’s why the Jesuit’s create the illusion that Jews are in control when this is not the case. Most Jews are great citizens and are not involved in any New World Order conspiracy, and even many of the Jews working for the Jesuits are just trying to make a living by working in: business, politics and banking. Many of these Jews have worked hard in school and are just trying to make a living with their University degree and education, and because these Jews perform well in University, they are picked out by the Jesuits (who control and own many of the top Universities in the USA and abroad), and they are employed to man the Jesuit world empire. Obama was definitely picked out by the Jesuit’s to control the United States for the Jesuit Order. According to former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, the Jesuits controlled the communist political party in Spain, and it seems they are implementing a full communist revolution through Obama; to gain even more control over the USA.

One Jewish name constantly accused of controlling the New World Order is the Rothschild family, but if you actually study the history of the Rothschild’s and observe their historical titles in old encyclopaedia’s, you will see that the Rothschild’s have merely been accountants and bankers for the Vatican and Jesuits. The Rothschild’s have been known historically as very educated and reliable bankers and accountants. They were often hired by Kings and Nobles to manage their finances because of their accountancy skills. After the Rothschild’s demonstrated their skills in finance, they were employed as Papal court Jews by the Vatican and Jesuit Order and became known as Vatican treasury guardians. If you look at the Rothschild’s official title throughout history they were known as ‘the guardians of the Papal treasury’. Many historical encyclopaedias’ document the Rothschild’s as being guardians of the Papal treasury. The Rothschild’s continue to manage the Vatican’s wealth today with a Jesuit sword over their heads.The Rothschild’s are merely accountants. But the Jesuit’s in their demonic wisdom push the Rothschild’s and many other Jews to the front of finance and politics; so the Jews will be blamed for everything. Pushing Saul Alinsky as Obama’s key influence will be used as a pretext to persecute Jews when things get bad in the US, but people need to research deeper and see that Alinsky merely a front man for the Jesuit Order. Jesuit Greg Galluzzo was Obama’s boss, mentor and political trainer.

According to some researchers such as Eric Phelps, when the immigration and communist policies start destroying America, the Jesuit’s will raise up a right wing fascist government that will blame Jews for the unrest and begin persecuting them. It seems the seeds being sown in the alternative media about Jews being the leaders of the New World Order may be used as a pretext to start persecuting and killing Jews. Although the Jesuit’s use some token Jews to manage their finances and businesses, the Jesuit’s consider the Jews as an obstacle to Papal world supremacy and wish to exterminate them. Former church of Satan leader and high level Illuminati programmer, Michael Aquino (also a top NSA officer), has strong Nazi beliefs and has engaged in Satanic rituals which sought to summon spirits connected with Nazi leaders. It seems a Nazi type fascist government which persecutes Jews, true Christians and libertarian’s is the goal of the New World Order. According to people such as Eric Phelps, once the Jesuit’s use Obama and other controlled politicians to bring in Muslim extremists and other hostiles to wage civil war in the United States; the Jesuit’s will then use this crisis to raise up a Nazi right wing government which will blame the Jews for the crisis. This Nazi right wing government will confiscate guns and suspend the US constitution while being cheered as heroes as they round up and kill the Muslims; this Nazi government will then blame the Jews for all the problems and demand persecution of the Jews. Meanwhile the Jesuit’s are laughing in the background as the Jews get blamed for their conspiracy, and their right wing Nazi government has more control over the USA and its citizens then it ever did. Once this Jesuit controlled government exterminates the Muslims in the USA and imprisons and persecutes the Jews, they will then start persecuting any Christian who doesn’t worship the Pope. With confiscated guns and a suspension of the US constitution following a civil war with Islam in the US, the Jesuit’s will be able to begin a new Roman Catholic inquisition in the United States. The US will come under complete Jesuit control. When Hitler ruled Germany through the Nazi party it was governed through a right wing fascist government. Right wing fascism is communism as it involves complete government control over every area of life, and it also involves persecuting anyone who it perceives as a threat to its power. Obama is preparing the US for a communist right wing fascist government through his executive orders and legislations, which he was trained to implement by his Jesuit master, Greg Galluzzo.

Once the Islamic civil war and other government orchestrated problems breakout in the US, the Jesuits will implement a full takeover of the US through: FEMA, Department of Homeland Security (originally founded by a Jesuit volunteer corps member) and an international police force which adheres to UN law (The Vatican’s Knights of Malta have observer status on the UN council) as opposed to the US constitution. It has also been said that the Jesuit’s and New World Order may even stage a mock UFO/alien invasion of the US as a pretext to implement martial law. As you study the Jesuit and Greg Galluzzo connection to President Obama, understand it is the Jesuit’s who are pulling the strings of these various conspiracies.

The Mafia is a Jesuit controlled organization as even former Mafia boss Tony Gambino admitted on radio (the Arctic Beacon show), that the Jesuit Order and Vatican controlled the five Mafia families of New York. Gambino began exposing the Jesuit and Mafia connection after his wife and children were killed in a car bomb. The Jesuit’s rule the Illuminati and other secret societies just like they rule the Mafia; they put Jews at the front of their affairs while they secretly rule behind the scenes. Many of these Jews just want a legitimate job after completing their education, but are often forced to work for the Mafia (controlled by the Jesuits) as accountants and CEO’s. Other well educated Jews are forced to work as senior bankers for banks and corporations controlled by the Jesuit New World Order. It seems nothing has changed for hundreds of years; the Vatican continues to rule and hires its Papal court Jews to count its money. The New World Order is a Jesuit and Vatican conspiracy.

Source: Reptilian Dimension