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Think Of Your Phone Like This While Using Their Creepy Big Tech Apps

The whole of man can be controlled by his dependence upon his environment. Because the mind is contained within the brain body mechanism and thus isolated from the outside world, it is entirely dependent upon information derived from the senses. In other words the mind is already contained within a natural matrix. The ultimate question is who or what remotely controls the input signals by electronic means? (Subproject 119)

All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?


How To Spot Matrix Modified Actors

“A GOVERNMENT that modifies it’s media agents, is not a Government. It’s a NAZI New World Order Regime. And, an internet provider that reports copyright violations that are exempt under section 107 of the 1976 Fair Use Copyright Act, allowing for news reporting and criticism of fraud and corruption is not a trustee of freedom and freedom of speech”


H/T: Aim4Truth

Kill Your TV and Save Your Life


Desperate problems require desperate solutions.

Perhaps one day we might actually consider something so desperate as quitting Television, and by doing so, destroying the DNC’s voter outreach arm (aka Television).

The problem is that we live in a “Matrix” of leftist assumptions and propaganda, all being delivered to us 24/7 by a wireless intravenous drip system called television.

Literally doing anything is more worthy than sitting in front of the Idiot Box to be anesthetized and hypnotized by stupefying beams of communism.

There is a reason this country is in terrible shape. It’s because it’s people have become slack in their thinking. Lazy. Stupid.

And right in front of them is a big 47″ rectangular pill that makes people complacent, fat, unhealthy, dumb, disconnected from humanity, and disinterested in their own futures, never mind their country’s.

The Matrix, poisoning our minds with stupid, lazy, obese thinking, and they do so via the most effective means of transmitting stupidity, venality, and moral emptiness: The television.

And we will live in the Matrix until we destroy the Matrix.

So your mission is to start boycotting TV almost entirely, picking up, get this, new skills and hobbies and interests to fill the time we would otherwise be spending in front of the Radioactive Drug of the television screen.

Joining book clubs. Going on walks with our (get this) spouses and kids. Even doing “nerdy” stuff like bird watching, which, quite frankly, seems a whole lot more vital and vigorous than watching the shit they’ve thrown together to assassinate our brains tonight. We will not just be liberating the nation — maybe — but definitely liberating ourselves.

We all know what the problem is, but we’re not actually doing anything about.

I think our nation has become very, very complacent and lazy. I cannot imagine people living a hundred years ago putting up with this bullshit so willingly.

We have become very Manageable.

I do not think Americans were made to be so Manageable.

And I think we’re making ourselves Manageable by living the life of a Do-Nothing for so many of our free hours.

TV makes it easy to Do Nothing. It makes it easy to be bored. TV is not horrible– don’t get me wrong. It’s occasionally funny or interesting. It could not draw so many of us to be voluntary prisoners to it every night if it were horrible.

But it is always a suboptimal choice. Whenever the TV is the main focus, that is a suboptimal choice made as to how to spend that hour.

Oh, I don’t mean when the TV is on in background as one folds clothes. In that case, sure, one needs a distraction from the mindless work.

But most times, we could be spending those hours mindfully, and instead we’re sitting glassy eyed and slack-jawed looking at glowing box of moving pictures.

Virtually any moment spent in front of the TV is a defeat.

When we were kids, not a one of us thought about the lives we would live when we were adults and thought, “Some nights, I swear, I’m gonna just come home from work and then watch five hours of TV straight!! Whoopee!!”

TV is compromise, TV is defeat, TV is acceptance, TV is mediocrity.

And it’s an industry held almost entirely in Enemy Hands, by the idiot descendants of carnival-barkers and pornographers who just happened to realize that every new technology which permits people to live less life will be a financial winner.

We can free ourselves and maybe, even, free this country.

We can Kill The Messenger.

… Except Andy Levy.

adapted from Ace Of Spades HQ