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Watch Everyone Ignore Man Getting Beaten Until He Pulled A Gun

Two young black punks were boldly assaulting an older white man in Chicago outside a McDonalds while one of their patrons filmed the whole thing. People from inside watched the struggle happen outside through the window and were more or less quiet until the white man pulled out a firearm to defend himself, and that’s when people seemed to have the problem.

According to CWB Chicago, the incident occurred at Magnificient Mile where just two days prior, a violent mob forced police to intervene, resulting in 21 arrests.

Video shot from within the McDonalds showed two young black men attempted to assault an older white man. One of the young men attempted to wield mace against the older man, but quickly retreated as the other got into a grappling match with the older man. The fight resumes behind ads on McDonald’s windows, but suddenly the young man grappling with the older man retreated.

As the older man came into view, he could be seen holding a gun at the youth attacking him. Up until that point, hardly anyone had murmured a peep about the man being assaulted. It was only when he drew his firearms that people began to panic. Screams could suddenly be heard from women within the McDonald’s with one screaming “NO!” as the man pushed forward with his pistol raised.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt as after the pistol was drawn, the incident deescalated. The young men seemingly moved off, no longer interested in assaulting the older man.

Two things we can take from this…

For one, a good guy with a gun absolutely does see to it that violence is stopped. According to CWB Chicago, the man is not affiliated with a police department and appears to just be an armed citizen. The two young men seem to have little problem doing violence to the older man until the weapon is drawn and suddenly there was peace.

The second, however, is that though the firearm stopped the fight, it would appear that this is where people decided the situation was disagreeable. This is a problem. If the man was aided against the two men then perhaps the gun wouldn’t have had to come out. Sadly, no one did. He was forced to rely on the firearm.

Society seems to have less of a problem watching someone get beaten up than watching the would-be victim defend himself with the best means possible.

The lesson here is that sometimes you don’t have anyone to rely on but yourself in the heat of the moment. Violence can come on suddenly and without warning.

Arm yourself!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Source: The Tactical Hermit

Female Churchgoer Attacked Inside Cathedral in Latest ‘Knockout Game’ Incident (video)

72-year-old victim asks community to pray for her assailants

Video: Female Churchgoer Attacked Inside Cathedral in Latest 'Knockout Game' Incident

Police are searching for two black males after a 72-year-old white female churchgoer in Nebraska was robbed, then punched in the face during a Sunday service.

Shocking surveillance video shows two black teens entering the St. Cecilia’s Cathedral in Omaha before approaching the unsuspecting parishioner.

The first male appears to snatch the woman’s purse before the second strikes her down with a single punch to the temple, knocking the woman over and gashing her head on a nearby table.

Both males can then be seen fleeing the scene as the woman lay helpless and stunned.

According to the church pastor, the attack has sent shock waves through the tight knit community.

“Of course it’s shocking because we haven’t had anything like that here – at least not in 10 years,” Fr. Michael Gugsell told WOWT-TV. “And so obviously we prayed for her the next two masses and the parishioners are now concerned.”

A statement from the victim’s granddaughter on Facebook indicates the elderly woman is “Ok,” and asks the community to pray for her attackers.


Father Gugsell says the attack has struck fear into church attendees, who now question St. Cecilia’s safety.

“‘Is it safe? Should I be in the church?’ And we tried to assure them this is a safe place and it was something completely out of the blue,” he said.

Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspects, who they describe as two black males both approximately 16 years of age.

“Identifiable markings include the t-shirt and hair of the assailant, and the hood of the purse snatcher. Height estimated at 5’ 10,” Associate Pastor Fr. James Netusil described.

The incident is yet another in a wave of black on white, knockout game assaults which many accuse the establishment media of downplaying or ignoring altogether.