It’s All About Food


(James M Dakin) The One Golden Rule In Life is that you should treat people as you wish them to treat you. If you do that, most of the time you will get along with most people. Now, some people will simply just hate you and screw you no matter what. Ex-wives, the government, Liberals and BLM’ers. But by and large, follow the Golden Rule for a happy, or at least happier, life. After the apocalypse, you must modify that slightly. Treat Your Tribe Members As You Wish To Be Treated. If they are not of your tribe, NO! NO! Bad Prepper! You do NOT apply the Golden Rule to them.

But Jim, golden haired boy extraordinaire, survivalist gadfly and all around sexy and crazy guy, I must give charity to the unfortunate and save grandma’s and children and bosomy blondes of reproductive age! To which I reply, verily, thou are a bigger dumb ass than even Baby Jesus thinks possible ( and he had to put up with Romans ). You be so dumb, you voted for Diversity Hire and Slow Joe ( okay, I’m sorry! Your vote was changed to them. Same difference ). Why are we going to see a collapse? Resource scarcity. What happens during resource scarcity? Yeah, duh. You run out of resources.

What do you need to feed people? Food. What is food? A resource. Will food run out if we are running out of resources? Duh. The trend line started way back during the Tortilla Revolution. Look it up. Now, if you cannot feed people, how will they respond? Most of them will employ agents to act on their behalf to kill you and take your food, then eat you. Then fight each other over the two undigested peaces of corn they excreted along with the rest of your flesh.

Every single famine in history saw cannibalism. True story. So, right now, right here, slowly digesting your food-like products from McDonald’s as you read this, so full your corpulent body is sweating fatty oil in lieu of water, you think I am full of crap. But I’ll wager your insane Once In A Species Existence Petroleum Age surplus resources against my Every Single Time In History lesson and wager double or nothing that you are full of crap that you do NOT want to be around this coming famine.

If you think people act badly now, because their precious empire is imploding and they cannot eat out 21 times a week but instead must pinch pennies and only eat out 14, or that they are not at the top of their Victimhood List and must make up a gender to pretend to be victimized so they can get some of that sweet government paycheck, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until they get so hungry you start looking like a chicken tender. And you want to save THOSE people? The people who would eat you. The people who would kill you as soon as look at you NOW, while the five thousand calories a day are still flowing, just because your pale existence offends their fantasy microaggression glittery unicorn bubble world. THOSE people?

People act poorly during Bad Times, and it is as simple this time as being spoiled from too many Good Times. And all the rational free thinking people see them acting poorly, and they rightly start making Lamp Post Lists. You do NOT want to see my list. Hell, you are probably on it ( to avoid this, subscribe immediately ). But, super bonus time, the good thing about that is you are now justified in treating them poorly. You would NOT want them part of your tribe, and so they become part of the Great Unwashed OTHER. There is your tribe, who you treat as best friends, and All Other, who you fear.

And you fear them because they want to hurt you now, during surplus resource times ( it is only Depleting Resources insofar as there is not being enough surplus to continue propping up the economy based on surplus, but still surplus insofar as more than is needed ), simply because they feel they do not have enough surplus. So they judge it acceptable to subjugate and steal from you. If you cannot see this, you are the Weakest Link. Good bye. We’ll see your decaying head atop a pike in a communist Autonomous Zone soon enough. Thank you for being stupid enough to fail the Darwin Test, and freeing up resources for us.

Throughout history, you have two groups ( even in today’s Oil Surplus ). One is The Surplus Group, and other is the Scarcity Group. No one, in the history of man, ever equitably shared. NOT outside their own tribe. You either were Stealing or were Stolen From. Those were your choices. I am SO friggin sorry if that offends your sensibilities. Do you know WHY that offends you? Because you have always been so spoiled, you have no idea that the norm is scarcity. So, please do me a favor, and shut the hump up, you moronic twat.

You get to be comfortable as a group, at the expense of another, or you get to be taken advantage of. You get to be the catcher, or the pitcher. You either pick a tribe that will use another, or you get to be used. Your pick. That means you don’t get to feel sorry for another tribe. You don’t get to share your resources. If a crying baby is hungry, but does not belong to your tribe, and you do NOT need another baby, you do NOT feed that baby. Tribal bitches know this, and will not insist otherwise, and tribal dudes who want to stay in the Alpha position will slap down any stupid bitch who insists on saving that baby.

Because ONE calorie given to a stranger is food out of the tribes mouth. And lack of food causes sickness and weakness, which endangers the entire tribe. And if your actions endanger the tribe, YOU must be removed from the tribe. So, pick between saving the baby or saving yourself ( from being licked out of the tribe ). THAT is why you cannot show weakness and help non tribe members. YOU are in danger if you act with kindness. So, yes, it is selfish to hurt or neglect others, if they do not belong to your tribe. And selfishness is a survival mechanism.

Every fuzzy foreigner allowed into your tribe is food out of your mouth. If the tribe NEEDS additional manpower, that is acceptable. You share your food to increase your survival odds. But when your tribe is overcrowded, and you are allowing in more people who only weaken you and enrich the few rulers, you are helping to one day starve yourself. This is the position the US is in today. Our energy supply is drastically reduced ( at a time oil is needed to grow food ), our crops are failing due to weather events, even as we allow food to be exported to our supposed nemesis China, and we cannot ship in MORE foreigners quick enough.

If you hate immigrants it is not because you are racists, but because you like to eat. It is better that Little Brown People starve over in their native lands than to take food out of your mouth here. Well, the U.S. has NOT been a tribe for a very long time. Stop treating all these douche bags as your tribe members. They self identify with other tribes, and view you as an enemy. Return the favor. And be ready to NOT feed them, when the food supply shortages go Full Retard again. Which they will. And if you don’t believe that, if you do not worship at the alter of Malthus, you will soon be dead.

Look, it goes like this. The sheep, the idiots buying what Hollywood and Facebook are selling, have a negative chance of survival. They are all assured to die come the collapse. Preppers have about an even chance of survival. They have as good of odds of dying as surviving ( mostly because they prep for disruption rather than destruction ). Survivalists have a slightly better odd of surviving as dying ( just not the 100% odds most think some supplies give them, because their mental outlook is sad and weak ). If you want to up the odds of surviving from “slight” to “better than slight”, you have to do a LOT of things correctly.

And I’m going to make that really simple. You must follow Two Golden Rules ( this is Big Picture, 30,000 foot view, megatrend. You still must follow the original Golden Rule for happy harmony within your tribe. I’m talking about interaction with OTHER tribes ). The first Golden Rule is, Avoid Crowds. Thank you, Herr ‘Ol Remus, for the best survival Golden Rule ever. It is so simple, the lowest IQ survivalist can follow it. But you need a second Golden Rule, which as far as I know I’m the only one to advance ( outside its original field of anthropology from where I stole it ). It Is All About The Food. It isn’t as simple as ‘Ol Remus’ rule, I grant you. It take nuanced thinking to some degree.

But I still submit that the lowest IQ survivalist, even if they must mentally wrestle that pig humper, can soon enough come to understand it. It Is ALL About The Food even covers Avoid Crowds, but if you follow the Crowd Golden Rule FIRST, The Food Golden Rule is a lot easier to implement, so it is far better to leave them two separate rules. FIRST, get the hell away from most people. Then, view everyone, and everything, through the lens of food. And your odds of survival go from Okay to A Lot Better. To get your odds to Almost Perfect, you must retire to a hermitage, but I understand most people cannot do that. I cannot do that, and I’m a lot smarter than most of you when it comes to this specific topic ( I’m dumber than most of you on everything else ).

Still, improving your odds of survival from ten percent to thirty percent, perhaps even fifty, is no small feat ( hermitage would be 95%, only detracting points for wild dangerous animals, uncounted on health deterioration or massive natural disasters ). Just remember that the pipe dream certain Idahoan Survival Guru’s sold you is a pig in a poke. You do NOT increase your odds of survival buying a concrete bunker atop a hill. You only increase your luxury living which is unsustainable and will kill you soon enough. Yuppie Scum Survival violates the Two Golden Rules.

By buying quality food, you ignore quantity, and hence ignore the golden rule It Is All About The Food, because you’ve endangered your eating in the future. By staying too close to town for shopping, and too close to the grid for Barbie Princess Wife Appeasement, and too close to a driveable road for the other two reason, you have ignored the golden rule of avoiding crowds. You will not suffer any fall in your standard of living, but you did not increase your odds of survival. You’ve even DECREASED the odds because you lied to yourself about the odds of civilization collapse to keep your yuppie scum dream alive.

Now, I said most of us will not get far enough away from crowds, and that is true. You may only do so much if you cannot live in a hermitage. You must do as much as you can, regardless, then focus most of your energy in Food. Don’t be distracted by grandiose visions of a perfect survival retreat, or small town, or homestead. These are, today, largely fantasy as we are in a state of flux with the Red Forces fleeing Blue America at the exact same time we are experiencing what will probably be the last housing bubble ever ( act swiftly ). Whatever you do, things will change after you move. Just do the best you can and then relax.

Staying in too large of a crowd, with lots of food, doesn’t work as well. But minimizing crowds and maximizing food is a much better strategy if that is ALL you can do. None of us has unlimited funds, so you minimize danger. Not eliminate, but minimize. But whatever you are doing, you keep the Two Golden Rules firmly in mind. Avoid Crowds. It Is All About The Food. Don’t ask what Jesus would do, ask what you should be doing to avoid crowds and to go Full Retard on food. And then friggin do it already. Time is more than likely very short.

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