The Bloom is On The Ruse – Evidence Surfaces Attorney Lisa Bloom Arranged Payments for Trump Accusers…

Attorney Lisa Bloom is the daughter of Gloria Allred. The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the poisonous tree. Both Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom have a history of planned and strategic attacks against candidate Donald Trump and President Donald Trump.

According to research and documents provided to John Solomon, Lisa Bloom organized payments for the accusations against presidential candidate Donald Trump and coordinated financial benefits, through the larger Democrat apparatus, for the accusers:

(Via The Hill) A well-known women’s rights lawyer sought to arrange compensation from donors and tabloid media outlets for women who made or considered making sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump during the final months of the 2016 presidential race, according to documents and interviews.

California lawyer Lisa Bloom’s efforts included offering to sell alleged victims’ stories to TV outlets in return for a commission for herself, arranging a donor to pay off one Trump accuser’s mortgage and attempting to secure a six-figure payment for another woman who ultimately declined to come forward after being offered as much as $750,000, the clients told The Hill.

The women’s accounts were chronicled in contemporaneous contractual documents, emails and text messages reviewed by The Hill, including an exchange of texts between one woman and Bloom that suggested political action committees supporting Hillary Clinton were contacted during the effort.

Bloom, who has assisted dozens of women in prominent harassment cases and also defended film executive Harvey Weinstein earlier this year, represented four women considering making accusations against Trump last year. Two went public, and two declined.

In a statement to The Hill, Bloom acknowledged she engaged in discussions to secure donations for women who made or considered making accusations against Trump before last year’s election. (read more)

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By Sundance | The Conservative Tree House

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Scheme To Pay Off Trump Accusers Emerges, One Woman Was Offered $750,000

Jill Harth


Senior Democrat Arrested; Senator Brian Joyce Ran His Office “Like A Criminal Enterprise”

Another entrenched, liberal politician has fallen.

Former Massachusetts state Sen. Brian Joyce – who served nine terms, was arrested and charged with running his official office as a “criminal enterprise” and faces a whopping 113-count federal indictment.

The sleazebag senator reportedly took at least $1 million in bribes and kickbacks using the power of his office. He was also charged with racketeering, extortion, fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to defraud the IRS. He faces decades in prison.

Joyce, 55, was taken into custody Friday by the FBI following a two-year investigation. In addition to all his other sleazy activities, he was found with “hundreds of pounds” of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in his office, after he pulled some strings for a local franchise owner.

The feds are accusing the Democrat of using his law firm and his position to launder money while in office.

This is the second time this month a Massachusetts Democrats has been involved in a massive scandal, The Daily Caller reports.

Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg resigned last week, amidst reports his husband Bryon Hefner had been sexually inappropriate with four separate men.

Rosenberg said Hefner is seeking treatment for alcohol dependency, and will be admitted to an inpatient treatment center for his addiction.

Prosecutors say Joyce used his law practice, which he ran while working as a full-time legislator, to launder the proceeds of his schemes by “falsely characterizing the bribe and kickback payments as legal referral fees,” and that he lied to the state Ethics Commission about the payments.

Joyce is also accused of orchestrating a shady real estate deal with a developer to take over the development of properties at the site of the historic Milton Women’s Club after it fell into disrepair. The unnamed developer allegedly hid Joyce’s financial interests in the project and even portrayed the senator as nothing more than a dedicated legislator “trying to help out the woman’s club,” and someone who helps “people in the town.” Joyce, however, had a stake in the development and was to be paid to represent the developer’s legal interests. For his work, prosecutors say, Joyce received a new Jeep from the developer, who, instead of repairing the historic site, planned to build new homes there.

The nine-term senator did not seek re-election after the FBI and IRS raided his Canton law office last year. He accepted free dry cleaning for a decade and used campaign funds to pay for his son’s graduation party, The Boston Globe reported last year.

Weinreb said the Joyce investigation is ongoing and more charges could come for co-conspirators. He would not rule out additional arrests connected to the Massachusetts State House, adding that the case “is far from over.”

“No public servant should use their Senate office as a one-stop shop for personal enrichment,” said Paul D. Craney, executive director of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. “Legislative leaders should begin the process of expelling Joyce, like they did in 2014 with disgraced former state representative Carlos Henriquez.”

By Robert Gehle | the Federalist Papers Project

Roy Moore Recount Is ON: What you need to know (video)

The Recount of the Alabama Senate Race is ON. Multiple levels of election fraud being uncovered. After nearly an entire precinct in a black neighborhood in Birmingham was tossed out this morning by the Alabama Secretary of State for widespread and rampant voter fraud, estimates have Roy Moore in the lead by more than 300 votes. The 421st precinct racked up nearly 26K votes for Doug Jones, mostly with brand-new voter registrations, in an area with only 1100 residents. The widespread fraud and corruption is the new method of winning elections for Democrats, who have little to no actual support in America anymore outside of the 4 cities they all seem to live in.

This isn’t Chicago we’re talking about, however…it’s Alabama. There’s no way some Democrat beat a fine, upstanding public servant like Roy Moore, who has been a faithful Alabamian all his life. Police say they are also ready to make hundreds of arrests just as soon as the DA files charges. They could stem anywhere from voter fraud, a 3rd-degree felony, to falsification, a 1st-degree misdemeanor, landing hundreds if not thousands of criminals in jail for a year or more. The method of fraud was fake IDs, which is ironic since Democrat oppose voter ID laws because they are “too expensive” for people living in poverty in minority neighborhoods. The Alabama Secretary of State’s office says it will refrain from certifying the election until a recount can happen.

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Roy Moore Recount Day Two Progress and Correction

It is Day Two in the Judge Roy Moore Alabama Vote Count. My first video on the subject had an error in it. So here is me saying “I was mistaken!” “I was wrong” plus some information that has broken since.

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Watch Liberals Rejoice Over Stealing Elections

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Alabama Voter Fraud Cover-Up, Court Allows Ballot Record Destruction (video)




Robots Are Being Deployed Against San Francisco’s Homeless People Problem

According to a recent report by The San Francisco Business Times, autonomous crime-fighting machines known as K9s are patrolling city sidewalks to deter homeless people from setting up tent encampments. The San Francisco SPAC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) started using these robots near its Mission campus in early November as a way to prevent sidewalk camps and other issues, such as discarded needles and car break-ins.

The S.F. SPAC president claims that since the organization began utilizing K9, they’ve seen a huge decrease in crime; however, the city doesn’t seem too thrilled about this fleet of robot security guards. Earlier this month, San Francisco officials ordered the SPAC to keep the machines off the sidewalks or risk a $1,000 daily penalty for operating without a permit. The S.F. SPAC president claims the benefits of these robots outweigh any potential inconvenience, like obstructing foot traffic.

“We weren’t able to use the sidewalks at all when there’s needles and tents and bikes, so from a walking standpoint I find the robot much easier to navigate than an encampment,” S.F. SPAC president Jennifer Scarlett told the Business Times.

The K9 was created by a California-based startup called Knightscope, which rents out the robots for around $6 an hour. Many companies like Uber and Microsoft have used these machines to monitor their parking lots and offices in the hopes of preventing crime. The machines are 5-feet tall, weigh 400 pounds, and can travel up to 3 miles per hour. Though they aren’t built to intervene during crimes, they are equipped with cameras, lasers, thermal sensors, and GPS to alert authorities about any illegal activity.

While S.F. SPAC claims the robots are improving the safety of the area, many people have criticized the move as another way to unfairly criminalize homelessness amid a backdrop of rising rents and gentrification.

… and now for Truthstream who tires to make sense of it all in a video while traveling through San Francisco

By Joshua Espinoza | Complex

California’s War on Guns Broadens to a War on Ammunition Beginning January 1, 2018

This is one of many steps going into effect which will quickly place ammunition under controls similar to those which Democrat lawmakers have placed on firearms.

According to the Sacramento Bee, it will also be illegal “to transfer or buy ammo” from anyone other than a licensed dealer within the state, beginning January 1. California residents can order ammunition from a catalog as long as they have that ammunition shipped to a licensed dealer for pickup. The dealer will then add a “processing fee” to the cost of the ammunition.

In this scenario, a “processing fee” is just another tax that law-abiding citizens will pay for the bullets they buy.

Then, in 2019, all ammunition purchasers will be required to undergo a background check like those currently required for firearm sales. That background check will require the law-abiding citizen to “pay a $1 state fee” for the check. That “fee” is yet another tax.

This is how gun control or, in this case, ammunition control, works. First. they limit the supply by passing a law that it is only legal to possess ammunition purchased in California. Then they pass a law narrowing options even further, so that it is only legal to purchase in-state ammunition from a licensed dealer. Then they apply a tax but call it a “processing fee.” And in 2019 they will apply another tax of $1 to help cover the cost of a point of sale background check for law-abiding ammunition purchasers.

Once such fees are in place it is quite easy for state bureaucrats to increase them to cover unforeseen costs. In the end, this will make ammunition cost-prohibitive for poorer families who may live in situations where they need a gun and ammunition worse than anyone.

It should be clear from California’s gun control history that these laws on ammunition are only the beginning. After all, California implemented background checks for firearms then followed that with gun registration requirements and gun confiscation laws. They even put in a 10-day waiting period on gun purchases and required would-be gun buyers to acquire a certificate from the state proving eligibility to buy a gun. The certificate is only good for five years and requires a fee at renewal. That fee is another tax.

Ammunition laws will follow the same pattern if Californians keep electing the same people to office.

By AWR Hawkins | Breitbart

This Is Modern Dance ― This Is What Passes For Culture

It’s OK to rebel against the modern world, embrace traditionalism.

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… is America haunted?


Palestinians Recognize Texas As Part Of Mexico

– In response to US President ’s recognition of as the Israeli capital, the Palestinian National Authority has announced that it will recognize Texas as a state of Mexico since it was violently annexed by the United States in the 1840s.

“The territory north and east of the Rio Grande is very important to the Mexican people,” explained a PNA spokesperson. “Before American settlers showed up and implemented slavery, Mexico oversaw this land. Then, President Polk sent his armies to invade the rest of these Mexican territories, and force the country to give up California, New Mexico, most of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. We may soon recognize these states as part of Mexico too.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says that this is a new approach to , and hopes it will help ease the tension between the two countries over security and immigration.

“We understand that the Mexican state of Texas is a sacred place for many large-buckled Americans, but they can rest assured that a two-state solution or a wall was not feasible,” explained Abbas.

“Besides, most people in Texas speak Spanish.”

The Palestinian consulate in Mexico City will soon be moved to Houston to formally recognize the seized territory as part of Mexico.

At press time, President Trump hopes that his recognition of Jerusalem as ’s capital will offer a new path for Middle East violence.

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