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Michael Yon’s Epic Exposé of The Globalist Collapse of American And Western Society Using Multi-Front Warfare

“We have become what we were always fighting against.”

Michael Yon presents the anatomy of America’s takedown within the ongoing great reset back to global feudalism in his first interview on InfoWars with Alex Jones.

https://theinfowar.tv/watch?id=63f6915b85d91c3d2ecb3cb6 (49.38)
This interview on Banned.Video 

The Rape Of The Mind

Michael Yon Update: Pending Famine In European Union

The Western World is being told it needs to be destroyed by WEF’ers and that if you resist your own destruction, you will be destroyed. It appears that this threat is working quite well as normies by the millions are being led to the gallows in an orderly fashion, fearful of being killed should they get out of line. Utter Madness.

Stack long term storable food to the rafters while you can.