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Supreme Court Reverses Lower Court Rulings On Mag Bans, “Assault Weapons” Bans, Public Carry Bans

The Supreme Court just struck down four anti-gun lower court rulings:

SCOTUS granted cert in all four of these decisions, and told the lower courts “You got it wrong in all of these. We’re striking down your opinions. Go do it again, and do it based on the actual text of the Second Amendment and the history/tradition of the right to keep and bear arms.”

Essentially, those courts have to review those state laws in light of Bruen and issue new rulings using the new “text, history, and tradition” framework.

They may try to wriggle out of it (they almost certainly will) but if they obey the Supreme Court, there’s no way any of these state laws can withstand actual Second Amendment scrutiny.

This spells doom for mag bans, assault weapons bans, and public carry bans.

Source: by Hannah Hill | National Foundation For Gun Rights

Not My Family, Not My Tribe Is Always How Most Move On

‘Pandemic babies’ with no immunity are ending up in intensive care across Australia with respiratory illnesses

  • Rising number of ‘pandemic babies’ with no immunity admitted to intensive care
  • Children presenting with ‘co-infections’ with Covid and other respiratory illness
  • RSV – respiratory syncytial virus – kills 120,000 young children each year globally
  • NSW cases have exploded from 355 a week just three weeks ago to 3775 a week
  • There is no vaccine for RSV but it has almost identical symptoms to flu and Covid

Andy Schectman Warns of Imminent, INSTANT Collapse of The Dollar’s Global Reserve Status And How It Goes Down

They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream // Ernest Dowson 1867-1900

Fear porn for the unprepared.


Putin Says BRICS Countries Are Establishing New Global Reserve Currency To Replace The U.S. Dollar

Artificial Nano-Semiconductor Tissue Scaffolding Identified In Quackcine Victims

Transhuman technology comprised of five different elastic polymers cultured in human umbilical cord blood. Cross species genomics. Delayed deployment capable. Ability to construct neural networks for external control through EMF transmission. Feeds off human blood.


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Natural News: Shocking Microscopy Photos of Blood Clots Extracted From Those Who “Suddenly Died” – Crystalline, Nanowires, Chalky Particles and Fibrous Structures

The gist of this is that what is being called “clots” are not clotting at all. The MRNA shot is instead causing actual massive growth of proteins and “infrastructure” inside blood vessels. But to what ends?

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Ghost Shot: Pfizer Quietly Admits It Will Never Manufacture Original FDA Approved COVID Vaccines

(Jordan Schachtel) The August 23, 2021 FDA approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine was a cause for celebration. Marked as a turning point in the battle against COVID19, the announcement was highly publicized by the Biden Administration with the clear intention to extinguish “vaccine hesitancy” and boost uptake.

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Mike Tyson Podcast With Alex Jones

Censored After Pressure From Big Tech

A much hyped interview that was set to be broadcast on boxing legend Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast with Alex Jones was censored after Tyson’s production company reportedly came under pressure from Big Tech and other outside groups. Here is the portion filmed by Jones’ crew.

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Biden To Pull Meal Funding From Schools Not Compliant With Pro-Child Trans Grooming Policies

(Frankie Stockes) The Biden Administration has announced that it will pull meal funding from schools not compliant with its radical pro-trans policies and far-left views on the “sexual orientations and gender identities” of children, throwing the food security of poor and needy kids across the country into serious doubt.

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Election Integrity Group Featured In 2000 Mules Unveils Findings on Ballot Trafficking For Lawmakers In Arizona

The election integrity group True the Vote presented Arizona lawmakers with cell phone tracking data showing alleged ballot traffickers visited drop boxes in two of the state’s largest counties no less than 5,700 times during the 2020 election.

True the Vote founder and president Catherine Engelbrecht makes a point during a presentation on ballot trafficking at the Arizona statehouse on May 31, 2022. Seated next to her is True the Vote data investigator Gregg Phillips. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)

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