Dr. Tau Braun: Your Government Is Trying To Kill You Because The Original US Government Is Long Gone

Your government has been co-opted… 

This is why the politicians are all quiet 

This is why there are no thresholds for death and destruction that will stop it 

This is why the FDA pretends to evaluate but approves everything 

This is why our military is being decimated by its own leadership 

This is why the southern border is wide open 

This is why the election was stolen 

This is why there is electrified razor wire around all three branches of your former government 

This is why life-saving medication‘s were blocked 

This is why billions are being poisoned “voluntarily“ in the United States and all over the world 

…In lockstep.

From 3:40…

White House Presents COVID-19 ‘Vaccination’
(Bio-Weapon) Plan For Children Under Five
….This Is Pure Satanic Infanticide

Biden Silently Raised (Engine-Killing)
Ethanol Requirements In Gasoline

US Faces New Crisis After Baby
Formula Shortage

Summer Of Death – The World Is Staring
Down A Summer Of Disasters

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