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Federal Whistleblower Reveals DOT Under Buttigieg IGNORED East Palestine Because Of Politically Motivated Cruelty

Reveals DOT allocates resources based on regional politics: Blue states get funded, Red states get ignored.

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Fauci Has Been in Charge of Developing Bioweapons for Pentagon Since 2002
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Fauci Has Been in Charge of Developing Bioweapons for Pentagon Since 2002
RFK Jr. : CIA Is Connected to 2001 Anthrax Attacks
19-Year-Old National Guard Soldier Dies Suddenly After Completing a Two-Mile Fitness Test Run

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Gordon Chang: We’ll Fight China on U.S. Soil and They Will Bring Down Our Power Grid

(Brannon House analysis)

Biden Orders Door to Door Health Surveys in East Palestine

Question #1: Are firearms present on this property?

The Incredible Calypso

“The Calypso” was arguably the most famous vessel in the world throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s, captained by enigmatic and pioneering explorer, researcher and filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Despite her small size, this converted WWII-era Minesweeper was packed to the gunnels with laboratories, workshops and darkrooms, gadgets such as innovative submersibles, helicopters, a unique bulbous bow, a suite of research equipment and an adventurous crew to match.

Organized Jewry War Against Whites Update By Assimilated Jew, Henry Makow

(Henry Makow) A gifted reader sent a series of memes and articles that expose the race war Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are waging on whites.

We gave our national credit cards to a cartel of satanist Jewish bankers who now are using them to destroy us. As Scott Adams learned (below,) it is NOT “OK to be white.”

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Stew Peters – Fellow UN-Vaxxed Peeps, We Are NOT Safe

Video below the tweet explains how it works and what can be done. 

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Case Study Reveals How Cognitive Decline Can Be Reversed

(Dr. Joseph Mercola): Dr. Dale Bredesen’s treatment lets your brain create and sustain synapses again—something all the meds on the market have failed to do. He also clarifies the tricky role of beta-amyloid, and why efforts to remove it don’t work and often even make things worse. Here’s what you’ll want to do today.

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