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The Science Is Settled – Quackccines Cause Myocarditis

“The prognosis of patients with myocarditis depends on the severity of the inflammatory process and presentation of symptoms. The long-term prognosis is 3 to 5 years ranging from a 56 to 83% survival rate, respectively.” (source)

However, it’s too early to know what average short and long term survival rates will be for those who volunteered for novel quackccine technology injections.

Australian Health Official Admits COVID Vaccinated Are Dying From Myocarditis

Nothing to see here folks, just an Australian Health Official now admitting that the covid vaccinated are dying from Myocarditis.

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CA Nurses Report ‘Overwhelming’ Surge of Strokes, Aneurysms and Heart Attacks Among The Vaxxed

(World Tribune) Nurses in Ventura County, California are blowing the whistle on an alarming rise in heart problems, strokes, and blood clotting in vaccinated patients, adding that doctors refuse to consider the problems could be adverse reactions to COVID shots, a report said.

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