STUDY: Myocarditis/Pericarditis Did NOT Increase Among The Unvaccinated

An organized and officially published medical survey of unvaccinated parents who had COVID has revealed that the unvaccinated parents had absolutely no increase in myocarditis, only the vaccinated parents did.

This is an important study, because it destroys the myth that COVID was the cause and not the MRNA quackccines.

Many medical scammers have stated that the vax is not the cause and that all people, all groups vaxxed and unvaxxed have seen an increase in myocarditis because “COVID causes that”. Studies like this are needed to prove that’s a lie because they put pressure on quackccine pushers by proving the vaxx is the only cause.

The Study:


1100 Athletes Die From Sudden Death From 1966-2004, At Least 673 Have Died Since January 2021, Number Likely Higher

2 thoughts on “STUDY: Myocarditis/Pericarditis Did NOT Increase Among The Unvaccinated

  1. GrumpyONE

    My Story…

    Turned 80 in early March 2020. Went to Vegas to celebrate and the plane was full even though this was the beginning of the plandemic. Stayed in town for three full days, thousands of people celebrating without a care in the word and in my case left on the fourth day and to my surprise, the plane was half full.

    My bout with the “killer” virus, (Delta variant), would occur nearly a year later on a Monday in early January, 2021. I cannot recall the day and a half that I was out of it but I know that I managed to feed the cat. About noontime on Tuesday I began to come to life and by evening I was well on my way to recovery. By Thursday I suffering little from the after effects and the weekend was a normal one as was the following week where I visited the VA for an “exposure” test. The result was negative which was not surprising due to the time that passed between the test and my actual symptoms. Also note that I had been warned that I was exposed about a week before I became ill.

    Recovery from this second bout was slower than the first encounter. Luckily I had largely fully recovered from both episodes to deal with the big freeze that Texas would face in early February of 2021.

    I caught another dose of the virus in early August of this year but luckily got some ivermectin which totally knocked it down in less than five days.

    So the bumpy road of life continues on…

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