Disturbing New Peer Reviewed Revelations About COVID Shots’ Link To Myocarditis

Study subjects ‘had markedly elevated levels of full-length spike protein’

(WND) Hundreds of young people have died after getting the experimental COVID shots, and now a report reveals research at Harvard Med suggests an eyebrow-raising reason.

It could be that the spike antigen in the shot itself could be a trigger for myocarditis, which can be fatal.

A report from Just the News explains that, “Fact-checkers and Big Tech lost another round with purported COVID-19 misinformation this week, when an American Heart Association journal published research suggesting the spike protein used in mRNA vaccines can harm some people.”

The report explained it was a peer-reviewed study in Circulation that looked at the cases of 16 adolescents and young adults hospitalized in Massachusetts with the heart ailment after getting vaxxed.

“All had ‘markedly elevated levels of full-length spike protein’ in their blood,’ unbounded by antibodies,” the study found.

Explained Just the News, “The findings call into doubt the default response of tech platforms and media organizations when dissenting scientists question the safety of the spike protein.”

Those making suggestions about the link have faced backlash.

The report said mRNA vaccine pioneer Robert Malone, now a critic, had his LinkedIn page shut down “when he mentioned the spike in the context of heart inflammation reports among young men.”

And, the report said, Reuters and PolitiFact have claimed to have “fact-checked” him for his statements about the spike, which PolitiFact claimed is “harmless.”

And months back, Twitter complained of suggestions by Kevin McKernan, manager of MIT’s research work for the Human Genome Project, when he said the spike protein is a “super-antigen” that “potent toxicity.”

Swedish researchers also had raised questions.

Just the News explained, “The Circulation study has been shared by COVID vaccine skeptics, including British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, who told Just the News last fall he first faced social media censorship after turning on mRNA products. Malhotra now calls them ‘one of the worst pharmaceutical interventions in the history of medicine.'”

The new paper said whether the spike protein in the mRNA products forced on people was “pathogenic” isn’t clear, but its links to myocarditis are “notable.”

The Just the News report said, “The authors say the study shouldn’t be taken as evidence that COVID vaccination is generally harmful.”

But the report said the Circulation results came out just a day after Harvard Med promoted the FDA’s call for Americans regardless of risk level to get so-called bivalent boosters after completing their primary series or monovalent booster. That would mean a minimum three spike exposures for children as young as six months.”

Source: WND


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