Who Will YOU Vote For If It’s Trump vs. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

The Lesser Evils Uniparty Paradox…

(2nd Smartest Guy In The World) Yours truly responded to articles and Tweets like the below:

The Forgotten Side of Medicine
RFK Jr. is Running For President

Over the last few months, there has been a lengthy discussion on encouraging RFK to run for president, and a month ago, he began the preliminary steps to see if it was possible . Since then, he has begun making very poignant commentary about the Nation’s current state of affairs…

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2 days ago · 473 likes · 508 comments · A Midwestern Doctor


And of course the guy that took the DEATHVAX™ and has a long history of supporting the depraved Democratic party chimed in:

Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter
It’s official: RFK Jr is running for President

Epoch Times story AMD substack Jake Tapper “endorsing” RFK Jr running for President (a must see…

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2 days ago · 653 likes · 568 comments · Steve Kirsch

In just 4 replies this whole Kabuki theater politrix show is exposed:

So who will YOU vote for if it is Trump vs. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

Either way, on some level we will all have to hold our collective noses when choosing Red team vs. Blue team given the options, assuming one is voting for this in the first place.

As the 10th Amendment makes abundantly clear, we do not require a Federal government above and beyond one that strictly upholds the Bill of Rights and nothing more, with said Federal government being domiciled for very good reason in the foreign nation of Washington, D.C. Thus, States’ Rights supersedes any and all Federal “laws” that are outside the bounds of an exceedingly limited Constitution.

What we desperately need is not government per se, but, rather, a decentralized local system of governance predicated on true common law; in other words, the rule of natural law whereby the only maxim that matters is that you shall not do onto others that which you do not want done to yourself.

This substack remains skeptical of all current candidates, and has not yet endorsed a lesser of evils.

EDIT: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s stand on gun rights makes him 100% unelectable for anyone that supports 2A.

Do NOT comply.

Source: 2nd Smartest Gun In The World | Substack



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