Legarde Reveals The Plan

Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus punk Lagarde with Zelenskyy Impersonation.
ECB Chief Lagarde Admits Pending Digital Currency Is “All About Power and Control”

Watch the 3:27 highlight segment about pending rollout of eEuro CBDC, including civilian capital controls.

Understand that the Euro, launched in 1999 is a derivative of the USD and both, from the beginning, were designed to fail.

Legarde reveals from the 14:00 mark of this twenty minute interview that the cabal will decide when to launch their ‘eEuro’ CBDC this October, followed by admitting that the failed Euro is otherwise at risk of being replaced by a foreign currency.

This suggests that the United States, along with every other nation who needs to conduct trade with the self-appointed, unelected ‘new world order’ must reset their currencies to the cabal’s CBDC standard too.  

Time is short for freedom minded individuals to acquire all the hard assets they need without permission that will certainly be required by govt programmable digital currencies.  


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