Martin Armstrong – Neocons Need War Because Their Monetary System Is Collapsing

War is how they plan to default on all the unrepayable debt and unfunded obligations.

2/22  QE has become ‘Hotel California’ for central banks – FT
2/22  Shockingly different investment results and how two pilots invested $1,000,000 
2/22  Oil extends longest losing streak this year ahead of Fed minutes – Yahoo!
2/22  Bob Moriarty: We need a new financial system based on resources – ENG
2/22  Fed minutes to detail debate over endgame for rate hikes – Reuters
2/22  Global bonds are set to erase 2023 gains – Yahoo!
2/21  Turmoil ahead as we enter the new era of ‘scarcity’ – YT
2/21  Biden’s investment strategy to juice the economy – Axios
2/21  Looming US default risk prompts investors to cut some debt exposure – R
2/20  Dollar bulls living dangerously – GM
2/20  Silent killers of stock and bond investors – TT
2/20  Social Security is a Huge Problem – MT
2/20  How government spending hurts the economy – Mises
2/20  California’s budget deficit blows up – WSJ
2/19  Economists say moscow and putin won’t drain war chest any time soon – CNBC
2/19  Charting the Global Economy: Inflation, Retail Sales Climb in US – Yahoo
2/18  The core of the economy–the middle class–is crumbling – OTM
2/18  Consumer debt hits record $16.9 trillion as delinquencies also rise – CNBC
2/18  More Fed policymakers point to higher rates in inflation fight – R
2/18  Weekly commentary: Ueda and no landings – CBB
2/17  Recession signal as consumers struggle to pay bills – RIA
2/17  Charles Nenner: Intensifying war, enormous upside for gold – USAW
2/17  Gold’s return as money – GM
2/17  Where households are on their credit card balances, limits – WS
2/17  Goldman Sachs now expects three more fed rate hikes in 2023 – Reuters
2/17  Fed faces new inflection point amid troubling inflation data – FT
2/16  Factbox: the US debt ceiling and markets: gauging the fallout – R
2/16  Total # of Americans claiming jobless benefits near one-year highs – ZH
2/16  U.S. on Track to Add $19 Trillion in New Debt Over 10 Years – NYT
2/15  The French pension war – ET
2/15  This is what their fedspeak really means… – ZH
2/15  Asia central banks rebuild reserves as Fed rate bets grow – Yahoo
2/14  Don’t let balloons distract you from the economic collapse – OP
2/14  Coca-Cola Q4 earnings – CNBC
2/14  12 more companies announce mass employment terminations – NN
2/14  The new normal: death spirals and speculative frenzies – OTM
2/14  China’s economic bonanza from record trade surplus is fading – Y
2/13  Watch Rubino: “Welcome to the endgame” – ZH
2/13  Budget deficit YoY: revenues fall as expenses rise – SG
2/13  US consumer prices may show fed has more work to do – Y
2/13  There is a financial nuclear event on the horizon – KWN
2/13  Investors brace for risk inflation dooms bonds to bear market – Yahoo!
2/12  This will be the biggest theft of this century – GoldCore
2/12  John Rubino – Global debt & death spiral – USAWD
2/12  Americans watch their spending as they burn through pandemic savings – FT
2/11  US posts $39 billion January deficit after pension fund bailout – R
2/11  Wall Street sees worst week of 2023 on Fed jitters – Y
2/11  Monetary inflation run amok – CBB
2/11  Ominous sign: internet searches for “cancel golf membership” jump – ZH
2/10  US real yields pose risks to oil rally – ZH
2/10  Half of Americans say they are worse off, highest since great recession – BB
2/10  Corporate bonds are looking pricey – Yahoo!
2/10  US trade deficit 2022: imports, exports of goods and services – WS
2/10  Half of Americans feel worse off financially, highest since 2009 – Yahoo!
2/09  Ignore the noise – this bear market’s not done yet – ZH
2/09  China is replacing US treasuries with gold – KWN
2/09  US budget deficit widens rapidly, threatening debt-limit timeline – Yahoo
2/09  Disney announces layoffs, cost cuts – CNBC
2/08  US trade deficit 2022: imports, exports of goods and services – WS
2/08  Another recession sign: PT work is growing faster than FT work – Mises
2/08  Morning bid: Powell confesses ‘this time it’s different’ – Reuters
2/08  How “prosperity” ends – DR
2/08  Soft landing or recession? – RIA
2/07  Dr. Jim Willie: Everything is breaking – MS
2/07  Australia CB signals more QT after lifting rates to decade-high – Reuters
2/07  Rothschild family offers to take flagship bank private in $4B deal – ZH
2/07  Prepare to be bled dry by a decade of stagflation – OTM
2/07  Why women make for better investors, sorry guys! – TT

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