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Nurse Speaks Out About The Plandemic Agenda

” If you will not fight for your right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a precious chance of survival. There may be even a worst fate, you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it’s better to perish than to live as slaves.”

– Winston Churchill



Martin Armstrong Decries Audacity Of Global Commie 3.0

Forecaster Martin Armstrong says we are witnessing a deliberate attempt to take over the world through the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” which seeks to install global Communism 3.0.

It merges three ideologies: Bill Gates being a symbol of the eugenics and depopulation program, George Soros’ “Open Society” a key driver of the one-world government, and Klaus Schwab a Marxist at heart who has proclaimed that no one in the world will own anything anymore. The problem stems from the world’s debt since WWII which no one planned to ever pay back and things have reached a point of no return.

Politicians are deliberately using lock downs to intentionally destroy global economies as they seek to strip the U.S. of its superpower status. President

Trump is the only one currently standing in the way of this agenda and if he is removed, America’s nuclear arsenal could be handed over to the UN.

What follows is civil unrest culminating in world war, which could be initiated using a false flag attack on the internet or power grid.

Commie Clinton Calls For Overthrowing America With ‘Great Reset’

VIDEO: A Tired-Looking Hillary Clinton Shills for ‘The Great Reset’ Agenda at Globalist Forum

Commie Clinton crawls out of the trash heap of history to shill for ‘the great reset’

(Shane Trejo) A recently recorded video of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who looks like she missed her most recent appointment for a fetal-cell spine injection, shows the two-time loser shilling for “The Great Reset” agenda.

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Commie Kerry Calls For Overthrowing America With ‘Great Reset’

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry attended a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum during which he asserted that a great reset was urgently needed to stop the rise of populism.

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry and his pals want to steal all private wealth and rent back only what they think you need for prices set by them.

(Paul Joseph Watson) Kerry vowed that under a Biden administration, America would rejoin the job-killing Paris Climate Agreement but that this was “not enough.”

“The notion of a reset is more important than ever before,” Kerry said.

“I personally believe… we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.”

The former Senator made it clear that this “reset,” which is merely a re-branding of the same new world order that has faced stiff resistance for the past two decades, is necessary to extinguish populism.

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The Great Reset Plan Exposed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order

We have seen our way of life change dramatically. We have been told time and again by our betters that things will never be the same, and that we must accept their new normal just because.

Now the social engineers have revealed their hand and officially launched a solution to their engineered crisis. The proposed solution is The Great Reset.

In this report Spiro Skouras examines what exactly is ‘the great reset’ and who is involved. Skouras also explore what the Great Reset means for humanity during interesting times. 

WATCH: Spencer Fernando On Why Canada Must Reject The ‘Great Reset’

The Cabal are coming out of hiding now.

“Governments are seeking to exploit the pandemic crisis to impose policies they previously could not achieve through democratic means.”

As you likely saw earlier today, Justin Trudeau has given away the game on the “Great Reset.”

“He says “The pandemic has given us an opportunity” to “reset” the economy and accomplish the UN 2030 goals… I’ve seen people called conspiracy theorists for accusing him of planning this but here he is literally saying it out loud.”

“A message to Justin Trudeau:

We reject your Great Reset!”

If you agree with this message and the need to push back against Trudeau, I would greatly appreciate if you contribute to support my ongoing commentary and journalism.

Source: by Spencer Fernando


Prime Minister Trudeau: “Pandemic Provided An Opportunity For A Reset, To Re-Imagine Economic Systems,”

Dr. Rashid Buttar Exposes Eminent ‘Great Reset’ Roll Out For Canada

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Is Ushering In The New World Order

Prime Minister Trudeau: “Pandemic Provided An Opportunity For A Reset, To Re-Imagine Economic Systems,”

The Cabal are coming out of hiding now.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared as part of a United Nations video conference on Tuesday, September 29th where among other things he said the “pandemic provided an opportunity for a reset,” and to “re-imagine economic systems.”


Dr. Rashid Buttar Exposes Eminent ‘Great Reset’ Roll Out For Canada

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Is Ushering In The New World Order

Social Distancing For Americans

Cancel everyone left of Jesus Christ in your life before the iron curtain that is ‘the great reset’ goes hard in America.


Dr. Rashid Buttar Exposes Eminent ‘Great Reset’ Roll Out For Canada

Read Archbishop Viganò’s Open Letter To President Trump Warning Him Of Deep State/Deep Church Great Reset Of 2021:

Dr. Rashid Buttar Exposes Eminent ‘Great Reset’ Roll Out For Canada

Dr. Rashid Buttar lays out the step by step transformation of Canada into a model technocratic state beginning with crushing plandemic second wave lock downs.

Listen, take notes and prepare …  

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Is Ushering In The New World Order

Read Archbishop Viganò’s Open Letter To President Trump Warning Him Of Deep State/Deep Church Great Reset Of 2021:

Global Elites Announce ‘Great Reset’ Plan—And It’s Even More Radical Than the Green New Deal

Next Stage Of The Engineered Global Economic Reset Has Arrived

You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy

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Logan Act Violations: Biden Already Working With Foreign Leaders On Finishing America Off With Green New Deal-Great Reset Agenda

Former Obama deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes admitted Monday that Joe Biden is already speaking with foreign leaders as if he is the next President, a move that some believe to be a breach of the Logan Act, the same law that President Trump’s former national security adviser Gen. Mike Flynn was prosecuted under.

Rhodes made the comments during an MSNBC interview in which he slammed Trump for contesting the election:

“We’re going to have the pageantry already of the president-elect announcing his advisory board. He’s going to start announcing cabinet secretaries. The center of political gravity in this country and the world is shifting to Joe Biden. Foreign leaders are already having phone calls with Joe Biden, talking about the agenda they’re going to pursue January 20th,” said Rhodes.

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Read Archbishop Viganò’s Open Letter To President Trump Warning Him Of Deep State/Deep Church Great Reset Of 2021:


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Solemnity of Christ the King

Open Letter to POTUS Mr. President,

Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Allow me to address you at this hour in which the fate of the whole world is being threatened by a global conspiracy against God and humanity. I write to you as an Archbishop, as a Successor of the Apostles, as the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America. I am writing to you in the midst of the silence of both civil and religious authorities. May you accept these words of mine as the “voice of one crying out in the desert” (Jn 1:23).

As I said when I wrote my letter to you in June, this historical moment sees the forces of Evil aligned in a battle without quarter against the forces of Good; forces of Evil that appear powerful and organized as they oppose the children of Light, who are disoriented and disorganized, abandoned by their temporal and spiritual leaders.

Daily we sense the attacks multiplying of those who want to destroy the very basis of society: the natural family, respect for human life, love of country, freedom of education and business. We see heads of nations and religious leaders pandering to this suicide of Western culture and its Christian soul, while the fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of a health emergency that is revealing itself more and more fully as instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman faceless tyranny

A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations. In several nations this plan has already been approved and financed; in others it is still in an early stage. Behind the world leaders who are the accomplices and executors of this infernal project, there are unscrupulous characters who finance the World Economic Forum and Event 201, promoting their agenda.

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The ‘Great Reset’ Engulfs Nigeria

(Martin Armstrong) Here is a video of people starving in a food panic in Jos, Nigeria. This is what Big Tech and mainstream media will hide. They cannot be this stupid to impose lock downs that have reduced the food supply on a massive scale.

People are starving in parts of Africa where Gates has been so concerned about reducing the population. This is what they have been designed to do. Not just destroy the economy to set it up for Klas Schwab’s New Green Communist World Order,  but this is wiping out the food supply by disrupting the supply chain. To defeat an army you cut off its supply chain. This is PRECISELY what Schwab, Gates, and Soros have done. The world they want to create leaves them as the ruling class while everyone beneath them, the great unwashed, will be EQUAL, owning nothing.

This is our War Index of stocks that will benefit from war.

Note that for the past 5 months it has been breaking out. We are also beginning to see breakouts in some of our world commodities which are confirming we are also facing shortages that will no doubt lead to famine, death, and starvation. I have seen some wild James Bond films with grand designs to dominate the world. Nobody has ever envisioned using a virus to do what no invading army has ever been able to accomplish. Please stockpile food. Better to be hedged than regret.

Source: by Martin Armstrong | Armstrong Economics