60,000 TONS Of Sams Club-Costco-Walmart Frozen Food Destroyed After Suspicious Freezer Failures In Billings And Laurel MT – No Back Stock To Replenish

Steve Quayle amassed a large audience after 40+ years producing documentaries, publishing books and hosting radio shows.

***See Three Updates Below***


I know you’ll get this info out to the people who will listen.

Today around 4pm I recieved a call from my source at the Billings Regional Landfill that Sam’s Club was unloading now their 3rd roll off truck full of frozen foods. The full load dumped and destroyed was roughly 40-50k TONS of frozen food. This was all being monitored for full destruction at the landfill. Apperently their main Freezer went out over night due to a Freon leak and the exhaust vent was pumping hot air in. This was also confirmed by another source who works for an answering service here in town that takes the repair company calls.

Roughly 30 minutes later i get a text from the same Call Service source stating they recieved a repair call for Costco because their big meat cooler had been down for an unknown amount of time and they were also loading up product to dispose of. Im waiting to hear back from a contact at Costco to see how much was lost.

Then around 6pm I get a call from a friend who has inside info on the walmart in Laurel, MT (only 12 minites outside billings city limits) saying they also had a freezer fail and we loading up 20k+ tons of “spoiled food” into roll off trucks to destroy.

Then around 6:45pm my landfill source got a call about a fire on the trash pile (the same pile all the food was sent to). This fire was burning hot and black. We have been watching them put it out for almost 2 hours now.

“Now do you think any of this food will be replenished’? Do you think they will be sending more food to the biggest city in Montana? My guess is not. If they do it will be nowhere near the amount to recover the loss. SQ-PICTURE OF LAND FILL FIRE HAS BEEN SENT TO ME AND WILL UPDATE!MEN IN SUITS OVERSEEING DESTRUCTION OF FOOD -BOTH ON SITES AND AT DUMP!”

Source: SteveQuayle.com

1st Update:

…I can tell you…

ALL freezers have high temp alarm systems, connected to alarm companies.
I’ve NEVER been in a large commercial freezer that had a forced vent system to outside air….a failed electric defrost termination control and continuous operation of evaporator fans… maybe…
Also.. larger systems are required to have refrigerant leak alarms.
Multiple freezer failures, almost simultaneously…. highly improbable… and mostly impossible!
MANY safety protocols would need to be breached.
Frozen food is the weakest link in the chain.
As a side note… the box stores and large grocery chains usually have service contracts with national affiliated contractors.
Service response is generally required within 3 hrs or less.
In the event of unrepairable systems, refrigerated semi trailers are brought in and the product moved.
Also… commercial freezers run at 20+ below zero to minimize frosting… Think about how many hours would be required to defrost that much product, to where refreezing is not allowed… +10°.
NOTE: The total value of the product plus all disposal costs are covered by insurance.
I smell an inside corporate RAT!!! UPDATE ONE-Hi Steve,
Our Walmart in Manchester Iowa lost their refrigeration late last night. I stopped by to get something about 1900 our time, and most of the coolers and shelves were cleared of everything. I didn’t think much of it until my wife looked at your website and saw the story you posted about the cooler situations in Montana.
B-in Iowa


2nd Update:

Writer Claims Massive Food Rot-Thousands of Pounds-Enters Billings Regional Landfill-(foul play suspected)

3rd Update:

BREAKING!-Billings MT: Walmart Employee Calculates Massive Food Price Increase- (Were those Recent Defrosts Really by Accident?)


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