Ed Dowd: The Fed Is Trapped, New Monetary System Coming

– A Republican sweep into office can’t be allowed.
– Predicts ‘they’ will try to lock down our economy just before elections as cover.
– Political and economic nationalism is our only way out.

Corbett – Bill Gates Lays Out Technocrat
Plan For Global Takeover – Video

S Korea, US Conduct Missile Launches In
Response To North Korea’s Test

OBiden Prepares For Simultaneous Wars
With Russia, China And Iran

Mitt Romney – US Should Prepare For
Russian Nuclear Strike In Ukraine

US Warned It ‘Must Prepare For Putin’s Worst
Weapons’ As Nuclear War Is Escalating Fast As
‘There Are Few Rules Left’

Russian TV Says Nuclear War Is The Only
Alternative To A Russian Victory In Ukraine

Johnstone – They’re Just Outright Telling Us
That Peace In Ukraine Is Not An Option

‘Civilization May Not Survive’ – George Soros
Tells Davos Crowd, Defeat Putin (And Xi) Or Else

Herr Schwab – ‘We Have The Means To
IMPROVE The State Of The World’

Davos Elite Warn ‘Painful Global Transition’
Should Not Be Resisted By Nation-States

Gasoline price in Los Angeles rises to as much as $7.83 a gallon – more than the federal minimum wage The soaring fuel prices came as a direct result of the Biden administration announcing its ban on Russian oil in March 

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