Shock Video: Netherlands Police Use Heavy Machinery to Overturn Tractors with Farmers INSIDE

Disturbing video out of the Netherlands shows the government’s accelerating authoritarian tactics leveled against Dutch farmers protesting the nation’s Great Reset initiative.

Video going viral on social media shows Netherlands police using heavy machinery to tip over tractors with farmers still inside of them as police with riot shields look on.

In a scene comparable to Communist China’s oppressive crackdowns, the same incident also shows Dutch authorities grabbing peaceful protesters and dragging them into unmarked black vans.

Democracy in action!

The Dutch farmers have for months been leveraging their tractors and equipment to protest the country’s climate policies that include shutting down thousands of farms to reduce nitrogen emissions and livestock quotas in the name of fighting climate change.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte had praised World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset agenda, but tried denying his connection to the globalist organization after being called out by a fellow member of parliament.

These egregious crackdowns of peaceful protesters demonstrating against the WEF’s Great Reset policies by Western governments highlight how so-called liberal democracies are beginning to devolve into totalitarian dictatorships as part of the New World Order takeover.

Source: InfoWars


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