Imagine That – Wall Street Journal Finally Admits Energy Inflation Will Keep Retail Food Prices High, Regardless of Commodity Price Market

(Sundance) A slight drop in the overall national pretending index is noted today; actually, more like a twitch toward the reality side of the meter.

CTH has been outlining the supply side inflation issue in the highly consumable goods sector, specifically the foods sector, for almost two years now.  Mainstream and financial pundits have denied its existence.

According to the Friedman view of traditional economics, only monetary policy drives inflation.  However, Friedman never lived in -nor fathomed- an era when the collective western governments would intentionally shrink the economy in order to save the planet via climate change.

The intentional diminishment of energy production is the #1 source of increasing consumer prices.  Inflation is not an issue of high demand for the subsequent goods produced.  Raising interest rates diminishes demand for durable goods but has zero impact on the increasingly higher prices of intentionally scare resources like oil, coal and natural gas.

While maintaining the pretending due to the alignment with multinational and corporate interests, the Wall Street Journal starts admitting today that prices are not likely to drop, regardless of commodity prices.  Even with abundant harvests, strong grain & soybean production, abundant pork and beef commodities, the costs associated with the production of food products will stop any downward price pressure.

(WSJ) Global prices for commodities such as wheat and sugar have fallen back to where they were a year ago, but consumers are still likely to feel the pinch at the checkout.

[…] Higher energy and power costs are also fueling food-price inflation. “That product on the shelf has a lot of the oil price built in,” said Kathy Kriskey, a commodity strategist at Invesco.

Costlier energy means it costs more to transport and package food, while supermarkets are paying more to power their stores. Higher gas prices also lead to increased fertilizer costs, while wage bills are also rising rapidly.

Supermarkets have more incentive to freeze than to lower prices, Ms. Kriskey added, since that gives them more flexibility if other input costs such as energy rise further in the coming months.  (read more)

Now think about the inflation dynamic from a source origination position.

If the variable of abundance/scarcity is removed from the equation and yet high consumer prices remain – then what was the primary originating cost pressure on the end product?

The globalists can keep pretending, which they certainly are, and yet the answer to that question is obvious.

Our current level of inflation is not an outcome of consumer demand and/or monetary supply.  The current level of inflation is a direct outcome of lowering traditional energy development, raising the cost of energy production, making oil, coal and natural gas more expensive, and then watching prices rise from the supply side origination.

The scale of inflation is a direct outcome of the scale of energy price increase.  As long as energy prices remain high, regardless of the abundance of the commodity the price for the foodstuff will remain high.  Food inflation has nothing to do with food scarcity and everything to do with increases in the costs to produce food.

We are in a price plateau right now, waiting to see how much further energy production will be restricted.

This is what western political leaders call “managing the transition”.  Put another way, they are managing the overall decline of western civilization.

Source: The Conservative Treehouse


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War and Civil Unrest

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Politics, Authoritarianism and Censorship

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Weird-and-Wacky or Off-Topic News

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