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Artificial Nano-Semiconductor Tissue Scaffolding Identified In Quackcine Victims

Transhuman technology comprised of five different elastic polymers cultured in human umbilical cord blood. Cross species genomics. Delayed deployment capable. Ability to construct neural networks for external control through EMF transmission. Feeds off human blood.


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New DNA Will Win!

Cathie Wood @CathieDWood

Must share more of our research about #artificialgeneralintelligence (AGI) and how it is likely to transform the way the world works. Within 6-12 years, breakthroughs in AGI could accelerate growth in GDP from 3-5% per year to 30-50% per year. New DNA will win!
Could this be a part of why they’re so interested in injecting mRNA into children?

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Welcome To The Internet Of Bodies

This isn’t financing both sides of nations fighting each other to reduce populations like WW1, 2 & 3, with 3 being the fall of the Soviet Union. This is the elite using proxy governments they control to wage global fourth generation warfare against their respective citizens throughout the world, with the stated goal of bringing chosen survivors under a single collectivist state as their slaves.