Is DeSantis’ Neocon Baggage… Another Bush/McCain?

Never give any shade or benefit of the doubt to politicians. The following is concerning for the future of the Republic.

Congressman Ron DeSantis was very upset about Trump “being very positive about Putin”, wanted more lethal aids for Ukraine. Right now people are still suffering, while McConnell is still working hard to send more money to Ukraine. In the meantime this is the guy GOPe is pushing.


And Afghanistan:

This is interesting:

Unlike with being a governor, foreign policy has a massive role to play in being the president. The fate of the entire nation is at stake.

This could make for very interesting material in a Republican primary.

Full thread can be read here…

Source: Revolver News

4 thoughts on “Is DeSantis’ Neocon Baggage… Another Bush/McCain?

  1. jason stoo

    A Catholic cannot be trusted as president because they hate the Orthodox. Especially Sedevanticist loons who condem Orthodox for rejecting popes while themselves rejecting every pope since Vatican One. And Sedes believe in the Fatima BS that Mary created a local “miracle of the sun” in sout america for some children to tell them how evil Russia is and needa to be consecrated to her heart and these idiots claim (despite every pope since then saying the magic incantation) that no pope has said the magic incantation and thus Russia is still evil (despite the West being gay ans Russia against gay) and so a Sede for sure would start a war with Russia.


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