Biden Regime Voted FOR NAZI Ideology at the UN

The United States of America voted today AGAINST a Resolution by the United Nations General Assembly, to “Combat the glorification of Nazism . . .”  The Biden Regime now officially supports NAZI ideology.

Out of the 180 countries present for today’s vote, 120 voted in FAVOR of Combatting Nazi ideology, 50 countries, including the USA, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Germany, and Italy voted AGAINST, and ten nations abstained.

Hal Turner Analysis and Opinion

So then, based upon the USA’s official UN vote, it is now factually correct to refer to the Biden regime as “NAZI Collaborators” and to refer to the Democrat Party which controls the White House, as the “Pro-NAZI” party.

Democrats=NAZIs  Repeat this often and in public from today forward.

At Democrat Town Hall Meetings and campaign events, stand up and give them the full fledged “SIEG HEIL” with the arm raised and all.  

Source: Hal Turner Show


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