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West Point Cadets Who Refuse Covid Jabs Are Placed In Solitary Confinement

Military cadets at West Point Academy who refuse to take one of the controversial COVID vaccines are being put in solitary confinement, with more stringent restrictions than those who tested positive for the virus.

2018 West Point ‘Commie Cadet’ Graduate, Spenser Rapone

(Jack Hadfield) At West Point Military Academy, a number of cadets are currently rebelling against the push from the Biden regime and military higher-ups to take one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines. 700 cadets who initially refused the vaccine were brought together into a meeting room, and were briefed as to the benefits of the vaccine. The number of cadets has now dwindled significantly after allegations of daily pressure by “senior officials” at the school, and rumors of reductions of leave. Some cadets relented and received the vaccine, while many left West Point due to the pressure.

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