U.S. Military Defiance and Resistance to Being Poisoned By the Enemy Grows

Difficult is the way. Narrow is the gate.

The government won’t allow natural immunity exemptions to their vaccine mandates because that’s what keeps you alive.

This isn’t financing both sides of different nations fighting each other like WW1, 2 & 3, with 3 being the fall of the Soviet Union. This is the elite using proxy governments they control to wage global fourth generation warfare against their respective citizens throughout the entire western world, with the stated goal of bringing everyone under a single collectivist state.

The only goal of non-violent protest is to push the enemy to escalate their use of force to a point where they start injuring and murdering people, opening the door to one of two outcomes. A) Shaming the enemy into breaking or B) Justify resistance. Break them or wreck them, never give in to tyranny.

Live From The Lair: How To Dodge The Vaxx For Military Personnel

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