A Note on Brazil, Peru – And 22 Warning Signs

The hour has struck when even a conservative president in Brazil is powerless against an all-powerful web of subversion. The dominoes are falling rapidly. The Great reset is coming.

….Mao believes in the Marxist-Leninist theory that war is inevitable, but maintains that he is convinced that the capitalist powers, not the communist countries, will eventually launch a war in a desperate, last-ditch struggle to prevent communism from taking over the world by peaceful means.


(J.R. Nyquist) Several years ago, I received text messages from a man in Brazil named Allan dos Santos. He was a student of Olavo de Carvalho, and wanted to start a podcast with me. He asked if I could get Diana West to join our first broadcast. On his side, Allan would get Olavo to join us. We would discuss how communism was threatening to take over Brazil and America. Diana and Olavo agreed to join us for a rousing discussion. The broadcast was a success. We had over 10,000 views in two or three days. Most of our listeners were Brazilians who understood English. Allan’s broadcasting efforts grew from there.

In the years that followed Allan and I did dozens of podcasts. He helped introduce me to Jair Bolsonaro, who became President of Brazil on the first day of January 2019. When Allan exposed the deceptions of the communists he was charged with the crime of “fake news.” He was even called to testify before Brazil’s Congress, vindicating himself to the detriment of his critics. All the while he was being de-platformed by the usual social media suspects. It was frightening to see how entrenched the communists had become in Brazil. To fight for the truth in Brazil was by no means safe.

Because of the effectiveness of Allan’s alternative media presence, the communists targeted him again and again. I cannot count the number of broadcasts I did with Allan in English, but his Portuguese-speaking audience became too large to accommodate an English-language program, though we continued to do occasional interviews with added subtitles. Right through Bolsonaro’s presidency Allan kept fighting the communists with his media company, Terça Livre TVHe repeatedly warned the people of Brazil about the communist objectives of Workers Party boss Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Eventually, having exasperated the communists one too many times, Allan was forced by death-threats to leave Brazil.

Today Allan continues his broadcasts from American soil, but Terça Livre TV is now censored in Brazil. Believe it or not, this happened despite Bolsonaro being president. Ridiculous as it sounds, Allan has been charged with plotting against the Brazilian Supreme Court. If he ever sets foot on Brazilian soil, Allan’s arrest on bogus charges would be a certainty. Worse yet, the corrupt legal system would not prosecute him because the charges are false and he would quickly be exonerated. The whole idea of arresting Allan has nothing to do with proving him guilty of a crime. They know this is impossible. The whole idea is to have him rot in jail without a trial.

As any reader can see, the situation in Brazil is not as hopeful as it was two years ago. The same can be said for America and for many other countries. Recently, I spoke with Francisco Tudela, Peru’s former First Vice President and Foreign Minister, who said that “the new government in Peru is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist government. And this government has been very outspoken [in its intention] … to nationalize resources, annul the existing constitution and make a new socialist constitution.”[ii] It appears that South America is succumbing to the communists. Venezuela fell more than two decades ago. Bolivia has fallen, and Peru follows suit.

The dominoes are falling rapidly. The Great reset is coming. People like Allan dos Santos and Olavo de Carvalho are in grave danger as they struggle for the right to be heard. All anti-communists are in danger now, and there is no remedy. The comfortable conservatives of the United States seem clueless as the final act is prepared. The communists are in the West Wing. They are in the State Department, the Justice Department and the Pentagon. Well-meaning people on the right and the left have allowed this to happen out of ignorance. Look at Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua. Look at Brazil. The hour has struck when even a conservative president in Brazil is powerless against an all-powerful web of subversion.

Today Allan dos Santos has joined another media platform at Article 220. He is not giving up the fight. And why should he? None of us can give up now. I end this column with a brief list of twenty-two indicators that something big is coming:

(1) Communist Chinese violating agreement with UK by absorbing Hong Kong; (2) Rapidly spreading viral pandemic out of China that devastates capitalist economies everywhere; (3) Chinese military mobilizations accelerating; (4) Taiwan threatened with invasion; (5) India under constant pinprick attacks, with a massive Chinese buildup; (6) Russian buildup in Arctic region; (7) Continued Russian drills and exercises aimed at Ukraine; (8) U.S. State Department advising Americans in Russia of downgraded consular services, reduced visa renewals; (9) Russian nationals advised to come home from USA; (10) Hong Kong businessman with sources in Beijing says war is “months away”; (11) 10,000 foot Chinese runway under construction by a PLA general/billionaire in Texas, masked by a fake wind farm; (12) increased Russian submarine activity in the Atlantic; (13) increased air sorties/practices out of China and Russian airbases in excess of what existed during the Cold War; (14) increased communist fifth column activity in the U.S., including arson, rioting, and attacking national symbols; (15) polarization of the country after disputed 2020 election; (16) experimental vaccines being forced on population through threat of job loss; (17) economic attack on dollar; (18) partial closing of port capacity by Longshoreman, with imports unable to reach supply chain; (19) overture-style attacks on energy infrastructure, plus energy shortages driven by climate change policies; (20) Loss of strategic position in Afghanistan; (21) Global Strike Command April 19 notice suggesting possible nuclear war preparations by enemies of U.S.; (22) reports of preparations by Russia to deploy spetsnaz to Mexico.

Source: J.R. Nyquist Blog


A Tactical Aside From Mao Zedong

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