Divine Image Destroyed – Erasing God’s Name in Your DNA Scroll Explained

The human genome project revealed that the name of God is written into human DNA.

The real job of the vaccine is to hijack DNA and remove the name of God from it so satan can claim God’s living temple for himself.

Keep your temple holy unto the lord and NEVER allow it to be breached. Cherish his name encoded into the scroll of life within you and take refuge under the shadow of his wings.


Click to access TheMark.pdf

How Pfizer Blackmails Countries For Shots

3 thoughts on “Divine Image Destroyed – Erasing God’s Name in Your DNA Scroll Explained

  1. Mary Korda

    These are profound and Inspired insights, with reference to the Books of Psalms, Esther, 2 Corinthians,2 Thessalonians and Revelation. By way of a cleverly spun allegory, the speaker identifies the enemy (Pharmacia) and its plot of destruction, and its target (the human body). The global battle for LIFE as we know it was beautifully described in ancient days, through the words of Holy Scripture.

    To each listener, the challenge is given — to consider carefully before succumbing to the tricks and traps the enemy daily sets before us. The speaker ends with a prayer that believers will “strand strong” against the enemy, in the days that are before us.

    Jesus said that “no one knows the day or the hour” of His second coming, and that we should remain vigilant and alert to the “signs of the times”. I know this is for us, to do just that!

    No matter our status (vaccinated or unvaccinated), our future depends on understanding and acting on God’s word. As the Lord says, “My people die for lack of knowledge”. To live, we must pursue His truth, that leads to faith and trust in Him alone. He is the God of The Resurrection. He will save!

    I sincerely thank those who made this presentation and passed it on to me.

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    1. Vreg

      My understanding is 20% of the vaccine vials are placebos, 75% low dose with 10,000 units of rna, 4% have 20,000 units, and 1% have 30,000. It takes either in a single or a double dose of 20,000 to produce the mark of the beast within the person. In America (Babylon the Great) doing the calculation there are roughly 200 million with the mark of the beast.

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  2. Greg

    The rna messenger vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) changes the energy pattern (image) of your human spirit. Rna which is energy in the form of code of Life is very much connected to the spirit. Dna is less so and more physically connected to the body.

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