Was Cell (movie) Predictive Programming?

Dr. Pierre Gilbert, 1995:

Diseases or viruses will be purposely created to get humanity to take a \”vaccine\” inside their body.  It will not be a vaccine against the disease or virus but that will be deception used to get humanity to take the injection…

…What the injection will be in reality is a contamination of the bloodstream of humankind for the purpose of controlling human kind. He said the injection will contain magnetic particles which will embed themselves in the neurons of the human brain in order to amplify signals broadcast from outside the human body. These magnetic particles embedded inside the neurons would make it impossible for a person to think for themselves but would make them think what the signals broadcasted to them make them think. A person with the particles inside their neurons would be incapable of distinguishing between their own thoughts and thoughts that were induced from outside their bodies. They would mistake thoughts broadcast into their minds for their own thoughts and obey them as such. In effect, such a system would turn a human being into a zombie under the control of someone else. Dr. Gilbert also mentioned Rwanda as a chilling warning of what such a technology could be used for, which is genocide.


Interesting facts about Klaus Schwab.

Interesting rumor about vaccines too.

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