Another Young Widow’s Rude Awakening Under America’s ‘Hush Genocide’ Program

“Today I am a widow, after 28 years of marriage I am a 51-year-old widow.

I am heartbroken, I never knew this level of sadness existed.

At the same time I’m so angry at our government, our medical community, those who concocted the Covid bioweapon, and the media liars who propped up the genocide of Americans.

China and Fauxci killed my husband with their gain of function Frankenstein experiments. The U.S. government killed my husband when they restricted the use of HCQ & Ivermectin so the vaxx could get emergency approval. The medical “experts” killed my husband when they chose money instead of quality healthcare.

My only saving grace is my amazing husband will be at heaven’s gate waiting for me while all the evil murderers will burn in hell. I know, as a Christian woman I’m supposed to pray for these demons, but I can’t. I don’t know if I ever can. They killed my husband and it’s all I can do to keep the hate out of my heart.

Please pray for me & my children.”

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