Patents Reveal Wireless Nanocensors In Jab Juice

Dr. Ariyana Love returns to the Stew Peters Show to expose her findings in the Moderna Vaccine patents, confirming the La Quinta graphine oxide study and the Globalist’s plan to install nano-censors in every human body that they can.


12 Vaccine Truths

Drs Say They Can’t Put On Full PPE In Time To
Resuscitate Heart Attack (Kill Shot) Patients

Over 23,500 Airmen And Guardians Say No To
COVID BioWeapons As Final Deadline Passes

Dark Winter Looms For Pennsylvanians
As Power Bills Set To Soar

US Companies Are ‘Hostages’ To China

CNN Fake News Reader Brian Stelter Explains
REAL REASON Chris Cuomo Was FIRED. Hint,
It Involves A New Sex Misconduct Accusation

CA Violence Finally Reaches Beverly Hills

Brutal, Brazen Crimes Shake Third World
Los Angeles, Leaving City At A Crossroads

Biden Infrastructure Bill Includes Passive
Monitoring Vehicle ‘Kill Switch’ Mandates
For Automakers

China Poised To Establish 1st Ever Naval Base
In Atlantic, Alarming US Officials

Shocker – Archbishop Gänswein Confirms That
Pope Benedict XVI Is A Prisoner In The Vatican

Hospitals Murder CV19 Patients – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

Roberts – Sentara Norfolk General Hospital In
VA Is Murdering Its Patients For Money

Dr Vernon Coleman – They’ve Exaggerated Omicron
To Hide Rising Flood Of BioWeapon Heart Attacks

The Case For Compulsory Vaccinations Is Dead
…Omicron Just Killed It

Gilead Recalls Vials Of COVID Drug
Remdesivir Containing Glass Shards
Which Can Be FATAL In Blood Stream

They Are Now Blaming All The Deaths After
BioWeapon Shots On Their New Label ‘PPSD’
…Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder!

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