Los Angeles 911 Dispatcher Describes Dramatic Increase In Vaxxident Calls

Experienced dramatic increase in chest pain, seizure and neurological accident calls. 35% of 27 city departments are vaxxed, 27% have joined the lawsuit against illegal mandates, coerced consent, fired without due process. “Degraded service modes” have resulted in a threat to public and employee safety.

Informative interview, from the 4 minute mark.


Parents: Los Angeles Public Schools Vaccinated Children Without Parental Consent, Said Not to Tell

LAPD Union Head Warns Tourists “We Can’t Guarantee Your Safety” & Says City Is “Like That Movie ‘Purge’” Year-Round

Following actual death rates, a 35 times increase means the human life expectancy has been reduced to 2.3 years. I’d like to call the vax the rapture, but it seems the percentage of anti-god types facing the rapture is off for that.

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