And Now, The New Normal Childhood

They know children are going to start dropping from heart attacks and strokes left and right after the shot, so they’re running ad campaigns that make it look like it was always that way. Normies will accept this messaging and say “Oh, kids have strokes” and not even give it a second thought. These signs shows the future. The people behind the shot know what is going to happen.



Now it’s covid booster shots for teenagers (then children, then babies, etc.)

Fauci says third COVID shot necessary for “full vaccination” status,
fourth shot required in the future

WHAT LIES! – 1,000s Facing Heart Problems Due
To ‘Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder’

Demonic-Looking Statue Erected Outside
UN Draws Comparison To The Beast Of Revelation

COVID Tracing Apps ‘Normalise Surveillance’
Of Daily Activities

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