Fauci Patents on the Virus and mRNA Jabs Exposed

Fauci Patents For Vax-Induced AIDS, HIV, Glycoprotein 120 Contained In BioWeapon Kill Shots

Genocidal VAX Scientists Are TIME ‘Heroes
Of The Year’ – While Alarming Vax Injury VAERS
Website Is Ignored

The Coronavirus Infects Fat Cells – Study

Bleeding-From-Mouth Newborn Died From
The Mother Getting The BioWeapon

78% Omicron Cases In US Were Vaxed

History Of Americas Brutal, Secret
Human Testing

Mississippi Doctor Says He Was Fired For
Trying To Treat COVID Patients With Ivermectin

Pfizer Buys Pharma Rival Arena In All-Cash
Deal Worth $6.7 Billion

A Long Explanation Of Where We
Are Now By Steven Hatfill, Virologist

CBS Admits Covid ‘Vaccine’ Is Doing NOTHING

Celente’s Vax Exemption Site

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