Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It’s Getting Worse – Greg Hunter With Dr. Pierre Kory

World renowned COVID-19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory says the data is clear; the injections are “not safe, not effective”.

Western Civilization is being judged. Sit tight; keep your powder dry and your blood pure because it’s our turn after the establishment is done purging all the useful idiots among their unfit ranks.

Nanofiber Swabs Processed In Environmental Toxins
Were Tested With Human Embryonic Kidney Cells In
Study Co-Authored By National Strategic Research
Institute And The University Of Nebraska

JAMA Article – A National Strategy For The ‘New
Normal’ Of Life With COVID And What

Mike Yeadon – Mass Murder With Vaccine,
Passports And Boosters Designed To Crush
The Planet’s Human Population – Video

Dr. Robert Malone – Dark Vaccine Wizard

There’s Something VERY Wrong With
Dr. Robert W. Malone!

How To Tell If Someone Famous Died
From The BioWeapon Injection

Over 160 Cases Of ‘Flurona’ Found
In England

Ireland – Another Footballer Dies Suddenly

Rand Paul – ‘Is Fauci Advising Sotomayor?’

Top Lawyer Arguing Against Biden Vax
Mandates Before SCOTUS Has COVID
Despite Being Boosted

Biden Trying To ‘Work Around Congress’ To
Get Votes For Vax Mandate After SCOTUS
Session – Report

Supreme Court Justice Fact-Checked After
Covid-19 Children Claims

Get The Courts Out Of Science

Deranged Court Historian Douglas Brinkley On Jan 6

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Mom Sentenced To 3 Months In Federal
Prison For Bringing 14 Yr Old Son To J6

Fox News Drinks The Trans Kool-Aid

Caucasians Vanishing From TV Commercials

Chicago Alderman Wants People To Blow
Whistles And Run At Armed Robbers

346 Cops Shot In Line Of Duty During 2021

Are People Who Still Wear Masks Suffering
From A Mental Illness?

Mask Wearers Are More Bitchy,
Immoral And Violent

The Useless PCR Tests Have Served Their
Purpose In The Covid Crisis And They Are
Now Being Cancelled – Everywhere

Cypriot Scientists Detect Hybrid Coronavirus
Strain Of Delta, Omicron Variants

Omicron Could End Up Being Less Deadly Than
Seasonal Flu – New US Study Finds

Moderna CEO Scrambles To Sell More Boosters
As Omicron Wave Shows Signs Of Waning

FAA Will Impose Flight Restrictions On
Some Flight Operations Over 5G

Twitter Suspends Conservative Pundit
Over Transgender Tweets

‘Free Speech’ Platform Gettr Accused
Of Censoring Critics

Why Greta’s Climate Panic Failed

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