Why We Can’t Let The Woefully Ignorant Take The Vax And Die

The world isn’t dying, it’s being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses – Ted Kaczynski

Dr. Robert Malone Warns Of ‘Ebola-Like
Hemorrhagic Fever’ Super Virus In China
Caused By Mutations Due To Mass Vax

Moderna Expects To Have Covid Booster
Targeting Omicron By Autumn – What
Utter BS This All Is

UK Funeral Director John O’Looney’s Last
Video Warning Before Being Hit With Bad Virus

John O´Looney Narrowly Escapes With His Life
From UK Hospital After Friends Literally Went In
And Took Him Out – Here’s How They Did It

Reiner Füllmich And 50 Lawyers – ‘The Vaccines
Are Designed To Kill And Depopulate The Planet’
…We’ve Been Saying This For Nearly A Year Now

80% Of Airline Pilots Won’t Take The Booster

Chief AstraZeneca Scientist Says Annual
Covid Boosters Are ‘Unsustainable’

Common Cold Could Protect You From
Covid – Study

The Cure For COVID Is Turning Off
The TV

Did Gerald Ford Tell Americans In 1989
The Plan For Ho Harris To Become President?

Almost Half Of NY COVID Hospitalizations
Are NOT Due To COVID-19

American Airlines Evokes Backlash Online After
Apologising For Pilot’s ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Sticker

‘I Vet Them No Different Than I Vet A Terrorist’
How The US Tracked And Blackmailed Journalists

The Fourth Turning 2022 – Bad Moon Rising

Man Killed Bringing Birthday Cake Into
Chuck E. Cheese

Madison Taylor – 22 Yr Old Mormon Missionary
And College Student Suffers 94-Straight Days
Of Vaginal Bleeding After First Moderna MRNA
Injection, Says ‘This Vaccine Isn’t Dangerous’ !

25 Year Old Soccer Star Suddenly Collapses
And Dies During Training

Healthy Dentist’s Life Destroyed By 2 Moderna

Facial Pain And Taste Issues

Twitter Pushes ‘Fact Check’ Claiming That There
Is ‘No Evidence’ Of ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’
Oh, Sure…No Evidence At All…

SpaceX UFO Sighting – Mysterious Object
Spotted In Live-Stream Of Falcon 9 Rocket

What War With Russia Would Look Like

Tesla Owner Claims He Mines $800 A Month
In Crypto Using His Car For Power

Tesla Slips Under $1000, Continuing Longest
Losing Streak In 10 Months

Musk Shows Off ‘Mechazilla’

Bitcoin Loses $40k, Ether Below $3k As
Cryptos Suffer Worst Start To Year…Ever

Covid Spurs Luxury Car Maker’s Sales

Futures Resume Tumbling After Yields
Spike To New 2 Year High

Europol Challenged Over Data Collection

UK Supermarket Chain Drops Use-By Dates
For Dairy In Favor Of ‘Sniff Test’

European Leaders Double Down On
Demonizing The Unvaxed But Jabs Fail
To Stop Transmission

Berlin To Assess The Reliability Of Rapid Antigen
Tests – (They Are Essentially USELESS)

Denmark Anti-Vax Group Decries New
Restrictions Warning – Video

French Island Anti-Vaccine Passport Protesters
Pelt MP With Seaweed – Video

Arrests At Huge Belgian Anti-Lockdown Protest – Vid

France Reportedly Seeking Whole-Of-EU
Treaty With Britain On Migrant Channel Crossings

Macron – France To Double Number Of Police
Officers On Ground By 2030

Polish Border Guard Officer Suffers Head Injury
As Migrants Storm Polish-Belarusian Border

Denmark Intelligence Chief Arrested Over
Top-Secret Leaks

‘Mothers-In-Arms’ Slam Blair’s Knighthood
For Afghanistan, Iraq Wars, While They
‘Got To Bury Sons’

London Teenager Arrested Over ‘Extreme Right
Wing’ Terrorism Links

UK Govt Demands Housebuilders Spend Billions
To Fix Dangerous Cladding

Veteran BBC Presenter Quits Over ‘Diversity Drive’

Dutch Plan To Boost Gas Output At
Earthquake-Prone Site Sparks Anger

NATO Must Reject ‘Military Development Of
Territory’ Of Its Eastern Members, Russia Says
After Talks

‘We’ll Never Compromise’ On NATO Open-Door
Membership Policy, Stoltenberg Says Ahead
Of Russia Talks

NATO Prepared For ‘New Armed Conflict
In Europe’ With Russia If Talks Fail

Sullivan Reportedly Urged By ‘Russia Hawks’
To Send More Arms To Ukraine

Ukraine Urges Germany To Impose ‘Preventative
Punitive Measures’ On Russia, Scrap Nord Stream 2

Ukraine Pushes US Senators To Vote For
Ted Cruz’s Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Donbass Conflict Can’t Be Solved Militarily
Berlin Comments On Ukraine Weapons Requests

Denmark Set To Send 4 Fighter Jets,
Frigate To Baltic States

‘Maidan Methods’ Were Used In Kazakhstan
As Country Faced Threat To Statehood – Putin


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