How To Generate a Societal Immune System

surmounting the problem of herding animals by declaring emergencies

(el gato malo) the problem with herd animals is that you do not even need to make sense to lead them. you do not need reason or righteousness, you just have to offer them a sense of belonging, a sense of status, and a sense of safety.

do this, and the entire structure is payload agnostic. they really do not care if you change your narrative and keep altering the facts and ideology. this becomes easy.

perversely, this makes their allegiance stronger. that very instability engenders more attention and more commitment. if the diktats keep changing, you must always remain attentive for the next one lest you find yourself out of step and become the target for the righteous anger of your own side.

amusingly, the best hobgoblins to frighten the people into acquiescence are the imaginary ones. real ones might show up and show them up one day. but protecting you from snarks and grumkins will always work. demagogues and pseudoscience go together like fat kids and cake.

this is why ideology is and always must be the implacable enemy of science and reason.

they are set fundamentally at odds.


any scientist would take one look at this and say “you have no idea what you’re talking about and clearly never did.”

but any demagogue would say “aha, now i really have you.”

more than a few people will follow this decent into capricious dictatorship. and the actual act of doing so makes them more committed. this is a well studied technique in brainwashing. the performance is the prostration and the submission engenders belief. the only other option is to admit that you’re a coward or a moron, and humans are very resistant to both.

if you doubt the power of this process, step back and look at what just happened over the last two years.

the left have been caused to experience a full “snap around” from one end of the horseshoe to the other. the same guy who was saying “boycott starbucks and their corporate zombie empire and stop animal testing” is now telling you that you must trust corporate media, social media, and do whatever big pharma says or we should summon the national guard to lock you in your home.

they don’t even realize what has been done to them.

half of them think this is science or community or, most hilarious, rebellion. they think they are standing up to the very thing that has brought them so slavishly to heel.

give them a little pat on the head and some social approval and they think they’re being the societal vanguard instead of being mind scrubbed corporate shills.

the lack of discernment is astonishing.

they have become the villains in the movie and simply cannot see it.

they have been co-opted utterly.

this is not really a fixable aspect of humanity. it seems intrinsic, and as much of the more lefterly left is currently demonstrating, even a narrative that has been reduced to flaming tatters will not be abandoned. they double and triple down, again and again. they claim it is others spreading disinformation long after all the cards have been flipped over and it’s obvious they lost.

i’m sure you’ve seen the increasingly shrill and frantic freak-outs. it’s the desperate dissembling of the doomed.

these folks are going to go down with their ship.


the simple fact is this: they were never a big group. it was 10-20% that did this. they were able to do this because it is only ever 10-20% who resist things like this and they caught us napping.

we did not react until it was too late. we did not stand up. we let them grab the narrative, achieve compliance, and let “2 weeks to flatten the curve” become “2 weeks to drive in the thin end of the wedge of tyranny.” and that wedge was not coming out. frankly, we got a bit lucky here in that none of their technocratic medicine show worked and every one of their cigars exploded in their faces.

imagine how bad this could have been. imagine how much worse, how much harder to fight if any of this has actually functioned as promised.

they not only held this together but made it popular in most places for nearly 2 years. if it had not failed so flagrantly, how much longer might this have gone on? hell, could they have pushed it over the line into long term durable biotyranny?

maybe. but probably not.

it’s not some coincidence that fauci is speaking at the WEF today right after klaus and xi jinping. these are the global corporatist technocrats. it’s the 1000 richest foxes in the world assembling political puppets to see if they can divvy up the henhouses with them in charge. they seek technocratic trans-national control. it’s no secret, they say so themselves.

sorry, did you think they were kidding?

they think it’s for your own good or, at least, they seek out the zealots they can convince of such and to elevate them to positions of power from which they may be turned upon you.

these people are not even honest enough to be communists. they are a “global elite” that seek to impose a corporatist technocracy and, quite literally, take over the world. this is the closest thing we’ve probably ever seen to an actual cartel of james bond villians.

and have no doubt: they have a whole raft of interlocking agendas for social justice, economic central planning, public health, climate, and every other part of your life.

and their answer will always be: “more of us, more of doing what we say, less of you having things, more for us, and more absolute must be our power that we may order the ant farm as it ought to be ordered.”

it’s a nasty bunch of bad business to be sure, but this is not the all seeing all singing all dancing conspiracy people make them out to be.

honestly, they are kind of clowns.

they would like to be such an illuminati, but that, as it turns out, is A LOT harder than it looks.

and frankly, covid has dealt them a crippling blow

i mean, look who these people backed. they backed the WHO, the CDC, NIH, fauci, etc. they backed pfizer, AZ, moderna, and opposed every rational treatment based solution. they advocated lockdowns and mask ups and jabbing everything in sight.

and NONE of it worked. these people look like idiots. mostly, it’s because they lack to sense to wind up otherwise. they wade into these vast functional arenas and they immediately and inevitably blow everything up in their own faces because:

that’s what happens when you try to manipulate complex bottoms up systems with simple answers dictated from the top down.

this is the whole fundamental premise of their plans. and it is why they are ALWAYS going to lose. you do not need james bond to knock out the space laser at the last second and save manhattan from immolation.

these guys everywhere and always have their laser pointed at themselves.

this is NOT to say that they cannot wreak great mischief. they can. they have. they generate enormous collateral damage when they break power grids and eliminate ideas of merit from education so that the smart proles cannot get the AP classes that their own children enjoy.

but covid has really screwed up their plans, and this is how we mitigate more mischief going forward.

covid was too much, too fast, too visibly, too soon.

they had to adapt and play a real time game that would show results in weeks and months, not decades. they should NEVER have tried to play for such high stakes and rapid gains.

they thought this was the brass ring. it wasn’t.

it was the third rail.

it now only revealed to us who they all were, but what they were.

the technocratic wunderkinds failed to live up to billing and the failure was unmistakable.

and here’s where that gets fun:

climate models are just like the SAGE epidemiology models: they are pure assumptive GIGO. they have missed every prediction they have ever made by massive margins. they have no idea how the underlying systems work. no one even understands clouds. and if you think the data is low quality, manipulated, adulterated trash in covid, wait until you see climate.

covid was a fish head left in your kitchen trash overnight. climate is a sushi bar dumpster during and august trash collector’s strike.

but everyone saw the trick. we saw the models, we saw them fail. we saw the “credentialed class” get its collective buttocks kicked into the cheap seats by a bunch of internet amateurs that knew 20 times as much about data, systems, science, and integrity.

and this sort of experience stays with you. trust in “experts” just got absolutely demolished. “they who must be trusted” have had a very bad 24 months.

and this is a golden opportunity.

let’s make sure this lesson becomes cross disciplinary and generalized. this was not just about public health. this was a broader lesson in technocracy and its inevitable, horrific failures.

you’re not going to get smarter guys next time nor better intentions. there will not be better information or implementation.

if you let these people try to feed new york city for a month, everyone in it would die of starvation while klaus and co ate prime rib stuffed with hummingbird tongues in a penthouse somewhere and blamed the peasants for not peasanting hard enough befire flying off to davos in a fleet of private jets to hand out awards to one another.

we know what they want. it’s what they have always wanted.

this is not new, it dates back to the club or rome, to FDR, to mussolini and mao and to stalin and wilson. it dates back to bismark. it’s always with us, always probing, always seeking to gain power and purchase.

so deny it.

the middle goes along to get along. they seek to comply with societal mores and what they see as high status socialization. they are, always were, and ever shall be the beach ball that the two teams of active players seek to push to the other side of the stadium. they follow the side that seems stronger.

and so no we must stand up and take the zeitgeist. we must become the ones to follow to freedom. and this is the time to do it. our opponent has lost credibility and cohesion. and this is where we retake the idea of rights.

we reacted too slowly on covid, so let’s get proactive now.

if 20% of the world had stood up and said “no” right at the beginning of this, refused to comply, opened their businesses, went to work, and lived their lives unmasked and unafraid NONE of this would have happened.

we could have said no, retained our freedom, and peacefully but implacably put these technocratic tyrants in their place. you cannot suppress 20% without unspeakable violence for which they have no stomach. this isn’t mao we’re playing against. yet.

that broad-based rising to say “no” is a healthy, functioning societal immune system. maybe this was too novel for us. it took time. but we sure as hell have the antibodies now.

expect to hear all about the “next emergencies” this week from davos. climate emergency. the emergency of racism and hallucinatory “white supremacists” seeking to rule the world.

and push back. do it now. do it loudly, publicly, with honor, and with purpose.

stand up and retake normal. reject this absurdist cavalcade of hobgoblins.

stay brave, stay free, and encourage others to do likewise.

make the choice clear:

the society you save may be your own.

Source: by el gato malo


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