Ukraine Is A Corrupt Kleptocracy

Why are so many Idolizing Zelensky and Ukraine?

This should quell any misguided feelings of sympathy for Ukraine and serve as cause for questioning anyone who does.

(Leon’s: The World Is Upside Down) If my dear mother, a Holocaust survivor, was alive, she would have this to say about Ukraine: ‘Loz em brennan’ (let them burn).

To help understand her statement, you might recall one of the most terrible events in WWII, known as Babi Yar. It’s a deep ravine in the main city, Kiev in Ukraine. In 1941 in the period of just 2 days, almost 34,000 Jews were murdered there! Think about that number. And it was all done by men shooting at innocent civilians. A very personal way to commit mass murder. That was nothing like carpet bombing a city from the air.  As far as we know, that extreme murder rate had never been achieved until then. Of course the Nazis organized the killing. But it was the Ukrainians who actually did the killing. You see, the Ukrainians had such a blood lust for killing Jews that even the Nazis had to stop them. The Germans were in love with organized killing and documenting every ‘perfect’ thing they did. So when the Ukrainians were running around trying to murder every Jew they saw, the Nazis intervened and instructed them on how to do it efficiently and more organized.

Since then the Germans have laws (serious laws) against joining any neo-Nazi party. They have also paid out millions of dollars to Holocaust survivors and their families. The Ukrainians have literally gotten away with murder. 

Today, decades after the war, Ukraine has more neo-Nazi groups than any other country in the world! (Yet another world record) And they are not forced underground in any way. The largest of these, Azov, is unofficially part of their parliament. Many fools consider them to just be nationalistic. Although some members might be, most are thugs. Their flag is similar to a swastika and they are antisemitic to the core, just like their grandfathers were.

Azov flag

When Putin says he wants to de-nazify Ukraine, he’s not lying. I have no doubt that we will soon be hearing of stories leaked out of Ukraine, blaming it’s small Jewish population for the trouble they are in now. I already have heard some.

Ukraine is not a democracy and never has been. It is as corrupt as Russia or perhaps more so. Definitely more antisemitic. Since 2014, Ukraine has become the world’s most popular money laundering state. Oligarchs run it mob style and chose the then actor Zelensky to be their presidential puppet. The WEF’s Klaus Schwab bragged about helping elect him and his equivalent Canadian puppet Trudeau. Just about every rich and famous player has been to Ukraine. And came back with even more money. From Bill Gates to Joe Biden, from George Soros to the Clintons. They all know that Ukraine is open for business. Even the CIA opened deadly bioweapon laboratories there because they couldn’t open them anywhere else!

I am sick and tired of  people (especially Jews) depicting Zelensky as a hero or worse, a Jewish hero. Zelensky is as Jewish as Bernie Sanders or George Soros.  Technically he was born Jewish but that’s where it ends. He left his Judaism by the road side years ago.  He is no real friend to Israel and tolerates the neo-Nazis in his own government quite well. He does what his masters tell him to do and say. He has probably been paid off by Soros who is loving all of us Western nations spending billions to prop up this corrupt state and leader. Do you recall their capitulation to then VP Biden to fire their prosecutor who was looking at the fraud committed by the Burisma corporation who had Hunter Biden as a board member? They wanted the billions of US dollars from the Obama administration and would do anything for the money. So they did. Biden bragged about it on TV!  Here’s a clip if you haven’t seen it. Quite incredible: Joe Biden brags about firing Ukrainian prosecutor

To be sure, I’m no fan of Putin. He’s a brutal dictator and I certainly wish that he hadn’t invaded Ukraine. Many innocent people will die as a result, no doubt. But to see it from his view, Ukraine has a population of about 40 million people. About half are Russians! The other half come from various tribal factions like Ruthenians, etc. If you look at the history of Ukraine, it belonged to many different empires and states until recently. My father was brought up in a city called Lvov in Poland before WWII. Now it belongs to Ukraine under the name of Lviv. If my dad was alive he could tell us stories of how the people of the city would hunt Jewish boys like him down on the way back from school and beat them up. This was well before WWII. The neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine have been running roughshod on all Russian citizens and businesses there. I will include a video here where you can see it. These videos and my facts here are not typically found in the mainstream media (yet). But over time the truth does slowly leak out and you’ll hear more about what I’m saying here. I urge you to watch this video, it will hopefully wake you up from the constant babble I hear 24/7 about how noble the Ukrainians are. Ukraine neo-Nazis.

Today on social media I see many people with a Ukrainian flag. I’ve read articles written by good writers (both Jews and Gentiles) who are piling on the backs of Ukraine and espousing how brave the people are and how wonderful Zelensky is. Why are we giving them this kind of false idolatry and PR? 

I view this war like I did when Iran and Iraq were at war years ago. Two evil states killing each other. Mostly I feel sorry for my fellow Jews who remain in Ukraine. It’s hard to say how many they are but I can guess about 100,000 poor Jews still live there. If you want to help the cause, you should donate to organizations that help them.  I’m proud of my Jewish homeland, Israel who is already planning on sending planes to bring them to Israel. 

If we learn anything from this war it’s that we (Jews and Israel) cannot rely on anyone else to guarantee our safety.

Calling Putin names won’t help. 

Of course this entire war could have been prevented if President Trump was still the US leader. He had the US on a course of energy independence and strength. The US, Canada and even Israel could have supplied all the oil, gas and coal that Europe needed. But thanks to the cognitive mess we call Joe Biden, he undid all that and gave a pass to the Russian pipeline to fuel Germany and the rest of Europe. Israel discovered huge reserves of oil and gas underground and under its territorial waters in the Mediterranean years ago. The plan was to build a pipeline to ship it to Crete & Greece and then on to Europe. The Trump administration sponsored the project. But the Biden administration cancelled it. Strong sanctions now will hurt Russia and all of us as well. 

Israel needs to be very careful as to how it deals with this war. It has a relatively good relationship with Russia at the moment and shouldn’t assume that it can jump on the sanction bandwagon with many other countries without risking some serious repercussions in Syria and elsewhere.

To sum up: I stand for my Jewish people in Ukraine and for all the good Christians there as well. I pray for their well being and I have donated money for them. I wrote this article because another narrative needs to be heard. You might not want to hear it, yet here it is. I might lose some friends over this but the situation isn’t black and white. Most geopolitical events are complex. I don’t consider myself an expert. I am not. But like most things in the news, a narrative is being developed by people we should not trust but people are caught up in that 24/7 news cycle and are quick to hop on the mainstream media’s bandwagon.  I for one, will not lose too much sleep if Ukraine disappears. I’ll leave it up to Him to decide how things play out there. I do believe in karma…. 

How ever one looks at the situation, it’s certainly not worth risking a world war over, G-d forbid! Recall the events leading up to WWI. A Serb assassinated the Austro-Hungarian archduke. Because of various treaties signed by various world powers at the time (Britain, France, Germany and Russia) this small incident brought on the war! A brutal war that no one wanted. 

We are at a crossroads here too. We must be very careful what we wish for. Urging our countries to send troops and planes over there can easily spark something no one wants (perhaps except the WEF and people like George Soros). I am not an isolationist by any means. But we do have other means at our disposal to de-escalate this. Opening our energy sectors in the US, Israel and even my own country, Canada, to serve Europe and thereby cut out Russia is probably the best and most effective way. Of course electing strong principled leaders that are not corrupt is an absolute requirement as well!



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Companies To Increase Production

US And Allies To Tap Oil Reserves Amid
Price Spike

Big Oil Is Turning Its Back On Russia

70% Of Russian Crude Trade Is Frozen
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In Big Tenders

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Lifespans In Major Russia-Inspired Reversal

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Political Gains

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Entirely The Fault Of UK’s Foreign Secretary

Poll Shows Le Pen As Most Serious Rival To
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Special Operation In Ukraine

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Incidents With NATO In Light Of Arms Supplies To Ukraine

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For Ukraine Talks, Ready To Discuss
‘Security Guarantees’ For Zelensky

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(As Long As It Does NOTHING!)

Schwab ‘Deeply Condemns’ Russia’s
Aggression Against Ukraine

Idiot White House Says US Can Focus
On Two War Theaters As It Did In WWII
(As Long As It Does NOTHING!)

Ukraine’s 2nd Largest City Crushed By Russian
Strikes As Calls For Western Intervention Grow

Humanitarian Corridor Established For
Surrendered Ukrainian Forces – DPR

West Was Covering Up Crimes Of Kiev Regime
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Fat For Use Against Chechen Forces

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Intelligence, Military Info Warfare Relay
Facilities In Kiev

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20 OSCE Cars In Kramatorsk, Staffers’
Fate Remains Unclear

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Well-Being Of Gene-Edited Babies

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Western Media’ Over Russia’s Attack

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Expansion Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis

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Portray Russia As Enemy – US Activist

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Accounts In 27 European Countries

Moscow Blasts US IT Giants’ Censorship
Of Russian Media While Actively Pushing
‘Hostile Propaganda’

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Connected To Sputnik, RT In Europe

Journalistic Unions And Lawyers – EU Censorship
Of Sputnik And RT Is Counterproductive And Illegal

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Apple Halts Sale Of Products In Russia

European Mars Rover Launch ‘Unlikely’ This
Year Due To Ukraine Conflict

Tanker Rates On Russian Crude Route
Soars Nine-Fold In Three Days

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‘Different Opinions’ On Ukraine’s Accession
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Meeting, Supports NATO Enlargement

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War Against Russia, French Finance Min Says

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To Pay Interest For Other Creditors

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Conductor Shortage Far Worse

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Efforts ‘In Vain’

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Mexico Declines To Join Russia Sanctions

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Young, Male And Infertile – Men
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Inspiration Only, She’s NOT Fighting

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Russia Gains Air Superiority Over Entire Ukraine

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Advances On Kiev

Russian Nuclear Triad Takes Up Standby
Alert Duty With Reinforced Staff, Shoigu Tells Putin

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How US Orchestrated Russia Ukraine War

US Closes Embassy In Belarus, Allows
Staff To Leave Russia

War As An Interlude Between Pandemics

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Fanatic Brzezinski’s NATO Expansionism

4th Gen Ukrainian Drops HUGE Truth Bomb

Ukrainian Amb To US Says Russia Used
Prohibited Thermobaric Bomb

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Borders During Ukraine Conflict By Taking US
Agents Away From Already Porous Border
With Mexico

Allgire – Ukraine War Is Affecting Bitcoin
And Inflation – Video

Ukraine Was Doomed By The Catholic
Fanatic Brzezinski’s NATO Expansionism

Primary Russian Targets In Ukraine – US BioLabs

Documents Expose US Virus & Bacterial Biological
Experiments ON Allied Soldiers In Ukraine & Georgia

US Embassy Just REMOVED All Its Ukraine
Their Website…US Has Used Ukraine For Viral
Death Weapon Research For Years Fortunately,
The Records Were Saved – Here They Are…

Treaty Between The US DoD And Ukraine
Regarding BioWeapons Research – Pdf

Ukraine Solution Possible Only If Russia’s Security
Interests Are Considered, Putin Tells Macron

UN General Assembly Holds Emergency
Session On Ukraine

Putin Signs Decree On Special Economic
Measures Against US, Allies

Putin Blasts West As ‘Empire Of Lies’ Over
Sanctions Against Moscow

NATO Western Aggression Forced Russia
Over The Edge

Stooge Ukraine MP – ‘We Are Fighting For The
NEW WORLD ORDER For Democratic Countries’

Jill Biden Mistakenly Introduces The Kamal
As ‘President’ – Then Says She Was Joking

Fence Around US Capitol Building Is Being
Reinstalled Ahead Of Biden’s SOTU Address

Donald Trump Appeals Ruling Forcing Him To
Testify In NY Probe Into His Business Dealings

Bank Of Canada Unveils The New Digital ID
From Schwab’s World Economic Forum

Edgar Cayce, Medjugorje And Fátima – All
Prophesied That Russia Will Save Humanity
During The End Times

Why The World Needs Viruses To Function

Pfizer MRNA Incorporates Into Human DNA In
As Little As Six Hours, A New Study Finds

The New HIV-AIDS Racket – MRNA Injections Are
Renewing HIV/AIDS Worldwide While Numerous
Healthy AIDS Researchers Are Mysteriously Dying
The Streckers Are Given Credit – Excellent Article

As Omicron Subsides, US BioWeapon
Injection Rates Collapse

Amazon’s Alexa Offers Healthcare

US Views On Mask Mandates Are Shifting

House Abandons Mask Mandate Just In
Time For Biden’s State Of The Union

Mayor Adams Announces End Of NYC’s
Controversial Vaccine Passport Rule

California Drops School Mask Mandate,
Will Allow Unvaxed To Unmask Indoors

VAERS Showing Little 5 Year Old Girl Severely
Damaged By BioWeapon

Tim Berry – 30 Yr Old British Man Suffers Severe
Post-Pfizer Spinal Cord Deterioration, Paralyzed
From Chest Down Three Weeks After The Injection

25 Yr Old NJ Healthcare Worker Got Moderna
Booster To Save Job, Now Cannot Work After
Developing Gruesome Skin Disease

Vax Crashes? – 4 Helicopters, 6 Private Planes
Crash In US In 14 Days, At Least 20 Dead

FDNY Union Leaders Call For Probe After 33 Yr Old
Firefighter Suffers ‘Sudden Medical Episode’ At
Firehouse, Dies Hours Later

Vaxidents Cause Spike In Road Fatalities

Disney, Warner Bros & Sony Halt Movie
Releases In Russia

Access To Instagram, Facebook & TikTok
Accounts Of Sputnik Restricted Across Europe

Facebook Restricts EU Users Access To RT
And Sputnik

TikTok Accounts Of Media ‘Backed By Russian
Government’ Geo-Blocked Across EU – Reports

Sputnik Czech Republic Website No Longer
Accessible In The Country

A Free-For-All But No Crippling Cyberattacks
In Ukraine War Yet

Technocracy And Transhumanism

US, Germany Continue To Allow Gas
Transactions With Russia Despite SWIFT Ban

Europeans To ‘Pay A Price’ For Russia Sanctions
– Top EU Official

Gas Prices In Europe Jump 35% Amid
Russia Supply Worries

The Impact Of A SWIFT Ban On Russia
And The World

US Bans Transactions With Russian Central
Bank, Freezing Nearly Half Of Russia’s $630
Billion In Reserves

US Treasury Prohibits Transactions With Russia’s
Central Bank, Wealth Fund & Finance Ministry

UK Treasury Imposes Sanctions Against
Central Bank Of Russia

EU Includes Carve-Out In Ban On
Dealing With Russia’s Central Bank

Russian Exporters Ordered To Convert
Most Foreign Currency To Rubles

Pre-Amble To WW3 Sends Stocks & Bond
Lower – Gold & Crude Higher

When’s ‘Our Upcoming Invasions? I’d Like To
Plan My Vacation’ – Zakharova Mocks US-UK Media

Websites Of Major Russian Media Taken
Down By Hackers

Bill Gates Readjusts His Stock Portfolio
…Likely Senses Future Crisis – Media

Gold And Silver – There Are No Sellers Left

Goldman Says Gold Is The Currency
Of Last Resort – Tops Treasuries As
Haven Of Choice

GOP Governors Urge Russian Vodka Boycott
…There’s Just One Thing…

Neil Ferguson’s Modelling That Led To Britain’s
First Lockdown Based On ‘Inaccurate’ Case Data

How Public Health Erred On Side
Of Catastrophe

Covid In Scotland – Vaccine Passports
And Classroom Masks Rules End

‘Butt Out’ Of Downing Street Parties Probe,
Boris Johnson Ally Tells Police

Meanwhile, The UK Grabs New Anti-Protest Powers

Queen Reportedly Making ‘Good Recovery’ From
COVID, Drives To Family Reunion On Windsor Estate

Mystery Projectile Launched By North Korea
Turns Out To Have Been Test Of Spy Satellite

Owner Of Romanian Soccer Team Bans Vaxed
Players, Says They Are Physically Weak And
‘Powerless’ (Because Of BioWeapon Shots)

UK To Lead Efforts To Kick Russia Out
Of Interpol

MI6 Chief Faces Backlash For Saying
Ukraine War Is About LGBT Rights

Ukraine’s EU Membership ‘Not On The Agenda’

Many Viral Ukraine War Videos Flooding
Social Media Are FAKES

Russian Exporters Ordered To Convert
Most Foreign Currency To Rubles

‘Russian Propaganda’ Is The Latest Excuse
To Expand Censorship

Taibbi – Putin The Apostate

Chinese Foreign Ministry Calls For Return
To Dialogue For Political Settlement In Ukraine

Biden Dispatches Former Top Defense Officials
To Taiwan After China Said ‘It’s Not Ukraine’

Taiwan Rejects ‘Inappropriate’ Ukraine Comparison

Australia’s New $200M Quarantine Camp
Could Be Used To Jail People Like Me

NZ Finally Abandons Zero Covid Madness

Putin Orders Russian Nuclear Deterrent
Forces To Be On Highest Alert

Watch ‘Nuclear War Between US And Russia’
(2019 Simulation On YouTube)

Day Five Of Ukraine War – What’s Known

Huge Russian Ordnance Explodes On
Ukraine Target – Video

Belarus’ Lukashenko Warns Of WWIII

Over A Dozen US Biolabs In Ukraine Targeted
By Russian Forces – Proof US Using Ukraine
For Mass Death BioWeapons Development

Why The US Isn’t Sending Troops Into Ukraine

Former WH Physician Says Biden Is Not
Cognitively Fit To Deal With Russia Crisis

NATO Allies, US Launch Multilateral Transatlantic
Task Force To Identify, Hunt Down, Freeze Assets
Of Sanctioned Russian Companies And Oligarchs –
Their Yachts, Their Mansions, And More..

Putin – Klaus Schwab’s WEF Is Trying To
Usher In A ‘New World Order’

Putin’s Short Speech On Ukraine, US Foreign
Policy And NATO – His Own Words

Jeff &Texe Marrs (2014) – The Jewish Coup
In Ukraine-Khazaria – Very Important Data

Putin Holds Meeting With Russian Defence
Minister And General Staff Chief On Ukraine

Three Bayraktar Drones Shot Down, Ukrainian
S-300 Complex Destroyed During Sunday Ops

Russian MoD – Ukraine’s Forces Use Banned
Phosphorus Munitions Outside Kiev

LPR Troops Advance To A Distance Of 56 Km
Russian Defense Ministry

Ukrainian Nationalists Have Killed Four Ukrainian
Army Officers – Russian Defense Ministry

Lugansk Leader Accuses Ukrainian Forces Of
Using Scorched Earth Tactics During Retreat

FSB Prevents Terrorist Attack In Russian Kaluga Region

Russian Forces Slowed By Strong
Ukrainian Resistance, Officials Say

‘Bring Only A Passport’ – Ukraine Removes
Age Limits To Enlist In Army

More EU Nations To Provide Weapons To Ukraine

Zelensky Invites Foreigners To Fight
For Ukraine

Ukraine Frees, Arms Felons To Fight
Russia, Prosecutor Confirms

Ukraine Says It Will Not Surrender To Russia

‘Question All Of It’ – The Current Western
Propaganda For Ukraine Is Epic In Scale

Russian Journalists Come Under Fire
From Ukrainian Forces In Donbass

Cuomo’s ‘Demisex’ Daughter Selling
‘Interesting’ Items In Online Store

Blacked Out – US Trucker’s Convoy Now
Stretches Over 15 Miles Long – Vid

Non-Violent Jan 6 Defendant Matthew
Perna Commits Suicide

DNA Transcribed From Pfizer MRNA Vaccine
Contains MUTANT Gp130 Cancer Gene

The New Effort To Create HIV Panic To Hide
The Fact AIDS Is Being Caused By The ‘Vax’

Two Teenage Boys Die In Their Sleep
Days After Pfizer COVID Death Shot

French No 1 Tennis Pros Blames Covid Booster
For His Recent Tournament Withdrawals

Elon Musk Announces Launch Of Starlink
To Provide Internet In Ukraine

EU To Ban RT And Sputnik

Telegram CEO Mulls Restricting Messenger’s
Work Amid Conflict In Ukraine, Decides Against It

Russian Media Watchdog Demands Google
Restore Access To Its YouTube Channels
In Ukraine

All Hell Breaks Loose As Global Markets Open
…Stocks Crash, Oil & Gold Surge

SWIFT Preparing To Disconnect Russia

How Russia’s SWIFT Ban Could Backfire
On West & Pave Way For Alternative
Payment Systems

ECB Lagarde Urges Immediate Crypto Regs
To Stop Putin Evading Sanctions

Get Your Cash Out Of The Bank NOW
World Leaders Detonating ‘Financial

ECB’s Lagarde Urges Immediate Crypto
Regulation To Stop Putin Evading Sanctions

Russia’s Vast Offshore Reserves Could
Roil International Money Markets

Bank Of Russia Responds To Western Threats

Russians Scramble To Pull Money From
ATMs As Bank Runs Begin

BP Will Exit 20% Stake In Russian State
Oil Giant Rosneft, To Take Charge Of Up
To $25 Billion

Von Der Leyen – RT & Sputnik ‘Will No Longer
Be Able To Spread Their Lies To Sow Division
In The EU’

West Announces New Restrictions
Against Russia

EU Closes Skies To Russian Aircraft

UK’s Truss Claims Unless Russian Op In
Ukraine Is Stopped, It May Result In Conflict

US Claims Russia Is ‘Manufacturing Threats’

Turkey To Close Straits To Black Sea
For Russian Navy

Germany To Hike Defense Spending,
Buy New Weapons

N Korea – US Pursuing ‘Military Supremacy’ At
Expense Of ‘Legitimate’ Russia Security Demands

Luongo – EU Sanctions On Russia Equal
‘Suicide By Cop’

Russia-Europe Gas Transit Through Ukraine
To Remain At Near Maximum Capacity

Scholz – Germany To Build 2 LNG Terminals To
Reduce Dependency On Some Energy Producers

UK To Pitch ‘Hit List’ Of Russian Oligarchs

Thousands Of ‘Ghost Flights’ Left UK
During ‘Pandemic’

Russian Military Confirms Casualties
In Ukraine Operation

UN Reports 368,000 Ukrainian Refugees
Have Fled War-Torn Country

Sanctions Are Only Alternative To
‘Third World War,’ Biden Says

Turkey Restricts Russian Navy Access

International Judo Federation Suspends
Putin As Honorary President

Standing Up To Putin Means Ditching Net-Zero

West Cuts Russians’ Access To ‘Golden Passports’

Russia’s Vast Offshore Reserves Could Roil
International Money Markets

Beijing Blasts US Over Ukraine Crisis,
Tells Washington To ‘Ask Itself’ Who’s To
Blame For Disaster

China Lifts All Restrictions On Wheat Imports
From Russia

China Speaks Out Against Sanctions Over Ukraine

Taiwanese Semiconductor Producer Reportedly
Suspends Supplies To Russia Due To Sanctions

N Korea Fires Suspected Ballistic Missile

John Barbour’s Tribute To
The National Enquirer

Photographer Born In 1843 Talks About
The Wild West – Interviewed In 1941

Ukraine’s Leadership Has Rejected
Negotiations – Kremlin

Snyder – US Govt Just Admitted This Is A War
That Will Determine Who Will Rule The NWO

Jeff &Texe Marrs (2014) – The Jewish Coup
In Ukraine-Khazaria – Vitally Important Data

Ukraine Tries To Enlist Musk Against Russia

Russia Accuses ‘Ukrainian Nationalists’
Of Shelling Residential Areas

Russian MoD – Ukrainian Nationalists Deploy
Heavy Weapons In Residential Districts

Moscow Considers NATO’s Claims About
Russian ‘Aggression’ In Ukraine Groundless

Russia’s Military Announces Bigger ‘Advance
In All Sectors’ As Zelensky Vows Fight

Dictator Chairman Biden Orders More
Aid To Ukraine

So Many Things Going So Wrong In
So Little Time Is Not A Coincidence

Tucker Explains How War In Ukraine Will
Affect The US Economy And People

Moscow – Strasbourg Ignored Killing Of Civilians
By Ukrainian Death Squads In Donbass For 8 Years

Luongo – Putin Ushers In The New
Geopolitical Game Board

From 1991 To Now – The Chronology
Of The Ukrainian Crisis

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Posted Fake
Video As If It Showed An Air Battle

War Propaganda And Lies Everywhere
Video Of ‘Russian Mobile Crematoriums’
Used To ‘Hide Evidence’ Is From 2013 Ad

Ukraine Border Guards Reported Killed On
Snake Island Survived And Were Evacuated

Schwab Claims Putin Is Just Another WEF
Puppet (Young Global Leader)

Biden Says Alternative To Massive Sanctions
Against Russia Over Ukraine Is WW3

US Drones Were Likely In The Air During Ukraine
Attack On Russian Ships, MoD Says

NATO Sending More Weapons To Ukraine

Germany To Supply Kiev With 1,000 Anti-Tank
Weapons, 500 Stinger Surface-To-Air Missiles

Macron Convening French Defense Council

Russian Ship Seized By French Authorities

Ukrainian Officers Intimidate Troops With Tales
Of ‘Chechen’ Torturers, Serviceman Says

Donetsk Rights Envoy To Inform Int’l Organisations
Of Ukraine Violating Geneva Convention

Ukraine Undermined Dialogue For Years – Moscow

‘Final Review’ Of Russia’s Relations With West
Now Possible – Former President

Putin Orders Military To Destroy Bio Weapon
Labs In Ukraine As US Rushes To Scrub Evidence
Of Their Existence

So, Trump Is Your Hero?

Maxwell Judge Schedules Hearing To Consider
Granting New Trial For Ghislaine

Man Who Carried Nancy Pelosi’s Lectern On
Jan 6 Sentenced To 75 Days In Jail, $5,000 Fine

Who Is Ketanji Brown Jackson, President
Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee?

Dr. Zelenko – ‘Yes, The Vaxed Have AIDS’

Immune-Mediated Hepatitis With Moderna
Vox No Longer A Coincidence But Confirmed

Study Proves Pfizer MRNA Vax Permanently
Alters Human DNA

Now Meat Eaters Stand Accused Of
Sexism And Racism !

Google Drops COVID BioWeapon Mandate
For All US Workers

Crypto Firms Poach Big Tech Talent To Overhaul
The Internet

The True Cost Of The Green Energy
Boom Is Now Being Realized

Musk’s Starlink Service Now Active
In Ukraine After Russia Invasion Caused
Internet Disruptions

Wigington – Global GeoEngineering News Alert – 2-26-22

Putin Announces Total Independence From
‘Rothschild-Controlled’ US Dollar

EU Reveals ‘Maximum Impact’ Russia

Did The Trucker Blockade Make
A Difference?

In ‘Devastating’ Move, US Weighs Sanctions On
Russia’s Central Bank As Germany Backs ‘Targeted’
Removal Of Russia From SWIFT

US, Allies Commit To Removing ‘Selected’
Russian Banks From SWIFT System

Canada And US Bans Russian Alcohol Liquor
Stores Remove Russian Alcohol From Shelves

Germany Aims For ‘Targeted & Functional
Restriction Of SWIFT’ Against Russia

Chinese Banks Limit Financing For Russian
Purchases – Media

Russia’s Space Agency Responds To Western
Sanctions With China Collaboration Proposal

Canada And US Bans Russian Alcohol Liquor
Stores Remove Russian Alcohol From Shelves

Pre-Amble To WW3 Sends Stocks & Bond
Lower – Gold & Crude Higher

UK Bans All Russian Private Jets From
UK Airspace

Britain Rules Out ‘Active Role’ In Ukraine

150,000 Refugees Flee Across Europe
As Ukrainian Fighting Intensifies

Chinese Army Calls US Destroyer’s Passage
Through Taiwan Strait Hypocritical

China And North Korea To Cooperate Under
‘New Situation’

New Zealand High Court ENDS Jacinda
Ardern’s Vaccine Mandate – ‘It’s A Gross
Violation Of Human Rights’

Iran Launches Operation In Red Sea, Gulf Of
Aden To Secure Commercial Shipping Assets

US Strikes ‘Terrorists’ In Somalia

Johnson & Johnson To Pay Record Sum
In Opioid Settlements

Putin – ‘To Anyone Who Would Consider
Interfering From The Outside. If You Do,
You’ll Face Consequences Greater Than
Any You Have Faced In History’

Russia Presses Invasion To The Outskirts Of Kiev

Shimatsu – Promises Promises – Where In Ukraine
Is The American ‘Hero’ Hunter Biden?

Russian Troops Seize Kyiv Airport In Stunning
Airborne Operation – Ukraine Counterattacks

Over A Dozen US Biolabs In Ukraine Targeted
By Russian Forces – Proof US Using Ukraine
For Mass Death BioWeapons Development

Disarming Ukraine – Day 1

Russian Units Advancing From Crimea
Have Reached The Dnieper River

At Least 40 Ukranians, 50 Russian ‘Mercs’
Dead In Fighting

Ukraine Has Distributed 10,000
Automatic Rifles To Civilians

Biden-DOD Orders 7,000 More US Combat
Troops To Europe Amid Russia-Ukraine War
…Nukes May Fly Before This Stupidity Is Over

Zelensky Finds Time To Chat With Sean
Penn For Documentary Amid Russian Siege

Russia Ready To Negotiate Terms Of
Surrender With Ukraine – Kremlin

Russian MFA – Special Op In Ukraine
Is Not Beginning Of War, But Attempt
To Stop World Confrontation

Kremlin – Russia Launched Operation
With Aim Of Clearing Ukraine Of Nazis

Russian Navy Landing Operations Reported

Ukraine Imposes Martial Law

Putin Calls For ‘Denazification’ Of Country
Which Has A Jew President!

Residents In Kiev Empty ATMs And Take
Refuge In Subway Tunnels While Others
Clog Highway

Zelensky Urges EU To Stop Russian ‘Aggressor’

‘How Can I Be A Nazi?’ Says Jew Zelensky
To Russians Before Ukraine Attack – It Is Said
He Owns $12 Million Mansion In Florida!

Russia Demilitarizes Ukraine

Moron NATO Boss Says Russia Launched A
‘Cold-Blooded Invasion’ On Ukraine

Before We Go To War, Let’s Take A Look
At The Current State Of The Wimpy, Fruit
Looped US Military

Lavrov Responds To New Sanctions
And West’s ‘Blame Game’

Roberts – Update On Ukraine Situation

Medvedev – ‘The EU Will Soon Pay
Double For Gas’

NATO War Criminals Have No Moral Standing

Graphene Being Transmitted From The Vaxed
To The UnVaxed – Report

Pfizer Steps Up Advertising For Its ‘Blockbuster’
Drug To Treat Heart Conditions, Including Those
Caused By COVID Vaccines

400,000 Cases Of COVID Vaccine Injuries
Found In Data Analyzed By German Health

Malone Talks To Tucker

House Commucrats Adopt Bill To Prosecute
Foreign Opponents Of LGBT Agenda

Epidemic Of Multi-System Inflammatory
Syndrome In Teens After BioWeapon Injection

Direct From Average Ukrainians In War
Crosshairs – ‘The US Needs This War, Not Us’

The Peoples Convoy Has Begun – Main Routes
And Rally Points – Antifa Joining Freedom Convoy
To Cause Mayhem, Further Demonizing Patriots,
With ‘Bank Account Seizures And Mass Arrests’

Abraham Lincoln Ordered The Largest

Two Intruders Killed Breaking Into Florida
Homes By Armed Homeowners

Dr Coldwell Opinion On Roku

Wooldridge – America Plunging Into An
Endemic Lawless Society

Two Intruders Killed Breaking Into
Florida Homes By Armed Homeowners

Telegram Messaging App Facing ‘Unprecedented’
User Load Due To Events In Ukraine

Russian Space Company Releases Bizarre
Threat Don’t Mess With Us Or We Will Drop
A Space Station On Top Of US-Europe

Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset Is
Doomed To Fail…Here’s Why

Record-High Global Food Prices
Imminent As Edible Oil Soars

Oil Breaches $105 As Russia-Ukraine
Conflict Intensifies

European Gas Futures Prices Jump To Over
$1,636 Per 1,000 Cubic Metres As Ukraine
Tensions Rise

Cryptos Crash Amid Global Turmoil

Moscow Stands Ready To Protect Financial
Market From Sanctions And Other Threats,
Russian Gov’t Says

Russian Central Bank Steps In After
Ruble Falls To Record Low

What Does The Ukraine War Mean
For What The Fed Does Next?

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