Disney Opposes Florida’s Anti-Grooming Bill

DeSantis fires back at Disney and other “woke” companies for claiming to be family-friendly, but opposing Florida’s anti-‘grooming’ bill.

Source: RT/GAB


INSANITY – Zionist US, UK Vow To Defeat Russia In
Ukraine – Blinken ‘Absolutely Convinced Putin Will Fail’
Biden Has Made US DIRECT Participants In War On
Russia – This Is Pointing DIRECTLY To Nuclear War

US In, In Fact, Now Waging Economic War
Against Russia, Kremlin Says

Maybe 30 US BioWar Labs On Russia’s Front Door
Watch This Video – If Putin Put 30 BioWeapon Labs
Across The US Mexico Border, How Would We Feel?

Russia Tells The US ‘We Have Found
Your Biological Weapons’

Who Wants War With Russia? – Philip Giraldi

Shimatsu – Pro-Israel Pedophiles Backed Sending
Polish F-16s To Ukraine – Part 5

Poland’s Offer Of Jets For Ukraine ‘Raises
Serious Concerns For Entire NATO Alliance’
Says The Pentagon

War To Cause ‘Hell On Earth’ For Global Food Prices

Tucker – Biden Admin Has Put Us In The Middle
Of A Hot War Between Two Foreign Powers – Video

The Coke Head Of Kiev – Zelensky’s Nose Candy Problem

Russia Bites Back – No Exports For Rest Of Year

Focus On Kiev Deadlock Obscures Russia’s
Success In South Ukraine

40 Mile Russian Convoy Still Paused Outside Kiev

Small Russian Convoy Slaughtered By Anti-Tank
Weapons – Video From Ukraine Army

Russia-Ukraine – What We Know On Day 14
…Updates Have Not Been Fully-Vetted

Russia Will Hold Fire For Civilian Evacuations

Nine Russian Commanders Said Killed In Ukraine

Russian Bombers Could Pummel Ukraine
…Without Going Anywhere Near It

Donbass – Russell ‘Texas’ Bentley Gives
A Lesson In Courage To High Schoolers

Documents Expose US Biological Experiments
On Allied Soldiers In Ukraine And Georgia – So
Who Is The Psychopath? …The USA

The Pentagon BioWeapons

Biden Bans Russian Oil As Gas Prices
Hit Record Highs In Oregon, US

A New ‘Side Effect’ From The BioWeapon Injection
‘Cryoglobulinemia’ Aka Spike Protein At Work…

Silent Massacre – US Post-Vax, Mostly Non-COVID
Deaths Up 40%, Moderna Stock Tanks 70% As
Blackrock Guru Predicts Vaccine Safety Fraud

FRAUD – Newly-Released Pfizer Docs Part 1
…Case Report Errors And Anomalies

Terminal Insanity – MD Senate Bill 669 Legalizes
Infanticide Up To 28 Days After A Healthy Birth

Ukraine Bans Wheat & Grain Exports Vital To
Global Food Supply, Citing Citizens Under Siege

Oz Expects To Be ‘Cashless Society’ By 2031

Agri, Pharma Can Emerge As Key Areas Of
India’s Cooperation With Russia Amid US
Sanctions Say Experts

US Clearly Wants War With Russia And That
Would Mean ONE BILLION People Dead – It’s
The PLAN And The Elite Like Mass Death

Ex RT Managing Editor Fears ‘We’re On The Brink
Of A Nuclear War’ After Quitting Russian State Run
Media (RT) Over Ukraine

Russia Likely To Ramp Up Ukraine Attacks Despite
Military Setbacks, US Intel Officials Tell Congress

Former Ukraine PM – Putin Saved Hundreds
Of Thousands Of Lives

Fake Family Of Four ‘Killed’ In Ukraine

Zelensky Says He’s Ready For
‘Compromises’ On Donbass & Crimea

Neocons Working To Foment Insurgency In Ukraine
Turn Country Into The Next Afghanistan

Data On Biolabs In Ukraine Confirms BTWC
Claims Against US, Moscow Says

Fear Of WW3 Is Causing Survivalists
To Feverishly Prepare For Nuclear Conflict
And ‘The End Of The World’

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