Shocking: Warmed Pfizer Vials Explode With Self Assembling Circuitry

You can’t detox this with vitamins or hot baths. 

UK data reveal that vaccinated people have highest numbers of COVID cases and deaths

Repeated COVID vaccinations compromise body’s natural ability to fend off disease, resulting in VAIDS

Scientists look to create chimeric mRNA vaccines that can be deployed through food

GMO HAMBURGERS? FDA approves genetically engineered cows for beef production

FINDING: Masks will silently deprive humans of oxygen for years to come through microplastic pollution

Frontline doctor: Millions will develop AIDS from COVID jabs

Dr. Jane Ruby: Nurses that stayed in hospitals allowed COVID death protocol to remain – Brighteon.TV

DEPOPULATION: Thanks in part to COVID jabs, most US counties lost population in 2021

Leading baby food brands contain arsenic and lead levels that damage the brain, causing autism in young children

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