Everything is Now in Place To End The US Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency

First the globalists deindustrialized America. Then they bankrupted the United States with trillions of dollars in unrepayable debt. Now, they’re finishing the dollar off with COVID-19, sanctions, wars and when it’s done, we’ll end up like Venezuela after the communists destroyed that once prosperous nation too.   

Alex Jones breaks down the future of America as the world rapidly dedollarizes before our eyes.


Assume Crash Positions

Europe Is Hosed. We Just Got The ‘Final Warning’

Dollar plunges 10% against Russian ruble after latest round of Russia-Ukraine talks

India Will Drop the Dollar to Trade with Russia, Replacing SWIFT

Shutting Canadian Pipeline Would Cost US Consumers $23.7 Billion More in Fuel Costs: Report

Oil is entering a New World Order. Here are the big winners and losers

With $20 trillion between them, Blackrock and Vanguard could own almost everything by 2028

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