Shanghai Template For Climate Lockdown

Wuhan was the template for COVID-19 lockdowns. Shanghai, the world’s third largest city is the template for ‘climate change’ Lockdowns coming to America and all Western nations.

More footage out of Shanghai

In Other News:

Russian Long-Range Bombers Strike
Ukraine For 1st Time In War

Shanghai Outraged By Latest Preventable Deaths
Caused By CCP Lockdown Policy

Very Disturbing Turn Of Events In Ukraine
With The Missile Destruction Of The Missile
Cruiser ‘Moskva’ – Exclusive Intel Information

Russian Black Sea Flagship Sinks – Conflicting
Claims Of Cause – Ukes Say Their Anti-Ship
‘Neptune’ Missiles Were Responsible

Russia’s 611’ Long ‘Moskva’ Guided Missile
Cruiser Sinks In Black Sea After Allegedly
Being Hit By Ukraine Missiles

False Flag Alert – US Looking To Send High
Level Official To Kiev, Possibly Biden Or Harris
Perfect Way To Remove An Already Dying Head
Of State And Blame It On Russia…

Russia Warns Ukraine It Might Strike Kiev

Ukraine – The Bucha ‘False Flag’ Fraud Is Falling
Apart – ‘International Community’ Calling ICC
Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan…No Response

Satellite Images Show More Russian Military
Deployments In Eastern Ukraine

US To Give Ukraine Military Intel To Attack
Targets In Crimea – This Is Still More US
Provocation On Russia

Russia Says 2 Ukrainian Combat Helicopters
Invaded Russian Airspace, Struck Residential
Buildings – Trying To Push Russia To Bigger War

Ukraine Shells Village IN Russian, 7 Injured
…Moscow Warns Kiev To Stop

Ravaged Donetsk – 2015 Drone Footage
Of War-Scorched City – Video

Moscow – US, European Hackers Carry
Out ‘Hundreds Of Thousands’ Attacks
Against Russia Weekly

Report – Over 1,000 Ukrainian Marines
Surrender In Mariupol

134 More Ukrainian Troops Surrender
In Mariupol, Russian MoD Says

Europe Must Act Before Russia Attacks
Other Countries, Says Zelensky

Kiev Recruits Convicts For New Nationalist
Battalions – Russian MoD

Russia Slaps Sanctions On 398 Members
Of US Congress

Biden Extends Mask Mandate For Americans,
While Scrapping All Restrictions For Invaders!

Second Texas Bus Carrying Invaders
Arrives In Washington DC

Hunter Biden Likely To Be Charged Under FARA
…If DoJ Applies The Mueller Standard

Hunter Biden Reportedly Partnered With Nephew
Of Boston Mobster For Chinese Joint Venture

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