Dr. Judy Mikovits Provides Conclusive & Scientific Proof Snake Venom Is Connected to COVID-19

The sketchy audio clears up after 18 minutes.



Monstrous FDA Has Fully-Approved The Deadly
Remdesivir ‘Antiviral’ For LITTLE BABIES 28 Days
Of Age And Older – This Is Satanic Evil Beyond Words

Dr. David Martin – Humans Are Becoming
Bio-Weapons Factories After Being Injected

1967 Paper ‘History Of Surgical Masks’

NIH Now Knows Covid BioWeapon Injections Can
Cause Death 1 Year From Shot Date

Patients Report A Return Of Covid Symptoms After
Taking Pfizer’s Alleged ‘Antiviral’ Paxlovid


Kissinger’s 1974 Plan For Food
Control Genocide

Why Are So Many Mysterious Fires Happening
At Food Processing Facilities All Across US?
….Because The Globalists Are Driving Us To
Famine And Starvation

US Food Production Threatened By
Mysterious Fires In Meat Plants

Biden FBI Continues Ignoring Attacks On
Food Supply, 2 Dozen Major Fires & Counting

Rockefeller Foundation Predicts Famine
…Could Begin In The Next Six Months

War On Your Food Supply Gets Hot –
FBI Warns Of Cyberattacks On Farms

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