Lights Out

Not so friendly fire – Ukranian tank blows up own troops while they were taking selfies.

Whoever was in the tank had to be a moron of the largest caliber. He shot them point blank. How could he not tell it was his own men? Duh. Did he not think that just maybe they would not all stand around like fools if the opposition rolled up on them like that? He should have known it was his own guys. What an idiot.


Video Of Avoz Battalion Surrendering To Russia
From Mariupol Steel Mill – Hundreds Of Wounded
Receive Immediate Russian Medical Care

Ukraine Orders Azovstal Fighters
To Surrender

Azovstal In Process Of Full Surrender
Russian Medics Rush To Aid Wounded
Videos – This Is In Russian

Turner – US Admiral Surrenders To Russia
In Mariupol Or Luhansk – Photos

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