Took The Jabs? Welcome To Hell

Read carefully and then watch the vid. It’s all there.

Karl Denniger: Oh incidentally, this was recorded and thus known before the widespread rollout, as it was analyzed during the Moderna original blinded trial in the summer and fall of 2020.

Among participants with PCR-confirmed Covid-19 illness, seroconversion to anti-N Abs at a median follow up of 53 days post diagnosis occurred in 21/52 (40%) of the mRNA-1273 vaccine recipients vs. 605/648 (93%) of the placebo recipients (p < 0.001). 

In other words if you get the jab and then get infected you are very likely (SIX times in TEN!) to not build any recognition to the “N” part of the virus which is the part that does not materially mutate and thus recognition of same is the key to durable immunity.

Who noted this was likely back then?  Me, among a few others.

Who knew this was in fact the case before the mass-jabbing started and all the time since and has repeatedly lied about jabs being equally or more effective than infection and recovery?  Moderna and NIAID, meaning the government, and if you hover over the names of the authors you’ll see that its full of NIAID people and Moderna employees along with several independent experts ALL of whom were utterly silent on this point until the study published.

By the way both Fauci and his wife work for NIAID and his wife wrote (in part) and published an article on Pubmed urging corporations to shame and blame the unvaccinated, which hit the servers in March of this year long after the above was known.

I’ve pointed this out before but now we have published proof that not only was my expectation correct but in addition both the government and Moderna knew it was correct along with multiple outside experts and all of them have repeatedly and serially lied.  In short it was not just a hypothesis or theory — they knew I and a few others were right that this not only could happen but did happen to most of the people who got jabbed.

SIX IN TEN folks.

If you took the jabs it is very likely your immune response to Covid-19 has been permanently damaged and, when you get infected as a direct result of taking the jab there is a high probability, about six in ten, you will not gain durable immune recognition of the “N” protein from the infection and thus you will get serially reinfected every time you are subsequently exposed to any other variation that as a mutation in the “S” and “RBD” areas of the virus sufficient to evade (or worse, BINDS TO) vaccine-induced antibodies.

Again: Everyone involved deliberately lied; this was known, intentionally concealed and just recently published even though all of these facts were known in late 2020 and were a screaming reason to halt the rollout.

You can’t un-take the jabs folks so if you’re one of the six in ten you’re ****ed.

Oh by the way it doesn’t matter which jab you took; all of those that encode only the spike, which is at present all of them in the US and other so-called “western” nations, would be expected to have the same problem.

Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.


PS: Oh, you think the economy will muddle through when that which would otherwise be a mild cold that comes around once every THREE OR FOUR YEARS instead nails people every month or two and, since it keeps making them sick their productivity goes completely to crap?  You think this is no big deal when six in ten of 200 million Americans are screwed by this very same thing eh?  120 million Americans who continually, every little bit, get serially reinfected as they never build recognition to this virus?  Oh, that’ll all be ok you think?  Good luck with that too *******.

Source: by Karl Denniger | Market Ticker


They absolutely knew…

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