A Chinese Mainland Invasion? Not So Fast, by NC Scout

(Americanpartisan.org) The recent headline making the waves on the alt-media is a surfaced report regarding an alleged Chinese plan to launch an invasion of the mainland US. Its certainly alarming and one that draws quite a bit of attention for obvious reasons; but the real question remains – is such a thing even plausible? The answer is both yes and no.

From the top, the likelihood of a leaked Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troop movement order is slim to none. In a military system where punishment is swift and severe, such a leak would mean immediate and public execution for a traitor, and in a system wholly devoted to its own nationalist cause, the likelihood of such a leak is slim. This is not to say a document was not leaked; rather, its highly likely either a canarie test of some type or its flat disinformation. Either way, the reactionaries of immediate dismissal are equally as concerning. We do know and recognize China as an immediate threat. In saying that, it is the Defense Intelligence Agency’s own assessment that China does not yet possess force projection capabilities outside its own region and has little desire to do so aside from a foreign internal defense model bolstering its own allied governments. This is an assessment with which I concur.

In saying that, however, the reader must re-analyze what is being stated. Foreign Internal Defense (FID) is a mission to reinforce a favorable government in a given area through military aid. That is not an invasion, rather, it is an invitation at the behest of a specific governing entity.

Let that one digest for a bit.

Given the levels of penetration and compromise of both the Democrat and Republican Parties and the ownership of extensive amounts of American vital interests, it is not absurd to suggest that aid on part of the Chinese would be invited in as a stabilizing factor for a future event unknown. The alarmist suggestion of a US mainland attack leaves out the Taiwan question, and the entirety of Asia for that matter. The logistics required on part of an untrained and inexperienced armed force would be nearly impossible to field even before the fight, let alone sustain. And the idea of a nuclear attack on the west coast, which is favorable to Chinese interests, is silly.

While the military industrial complex continues to build untested wunder weapons for imagined foes, American foreign interest has been completely degraded abroad, with only two nations in South America even tacitly aligning with American interests; Colombia and Brazil. As I’ve covered extensively, the leading Colombian Presidential Candidate, Gustavo Petro, is an avowed Marxist and is running on a platform of ending US involvement and signing on to China’s Belt and Road initiative. Brazil is not far behind. Central America is also firmly under the CCP grasp. Given a consolidation of influence combined with a military manufacturing base already in place, the Chinese suddenly find themselves in a lucrative position surrounding the entirety of US borders and expanding their levels of influence, just as the DIA report indicates. Coupled with at least two reinforced runways in the border region to support airlift operations, a FID model seems far more likely. Given the current border crisis having no leadership, the continued policy of grey zone warfare on part of those central and south American nations will only get worse while being exploited by the Chinese.

In short, China does not need to invade the US in a hostile manner. All they have to do is wait. Should there be Chinese troops on US soil, they’ll be invited in on the part of domestic traitors. And for anyone saying ‘that can’t happen here’, I direct you to the past two years as an example. It is not in any way dismissive, but rather, a sober look at the real plausibility of such a thing, while underscoring the imperative to train and prepare now.

Source: by NC Scout | American Partisan


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