44-Year-Old Canadian Doctor Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ – Sixth Canadian Doctor to Die Within Two Weeks

Doctors who inject junk into themselves and others with no idea what’s in it deserve to lose their license, and die. The fact that we’re seeing both happen simultaneously is fair justice served.


The Monkeypox Carnival Act Begins…

First Monkeypox Deaths Outside Of
Africa Reported

What Happens When The ACAM2000
‘Smallpox Vaccine’ Administered To An
Immune-Compromised Person…

The Infamous Monkeypox Tabletop Timetable
…Right On Schedule – Look!

SF Declares State Of Emergency Over
Monkeypox – Or Is It Pride Pox?

50 Soul Music Artists Have Died
(Suddenly?) In 2022

Future ‘Covid Vaccines’ Using A Pox Virus?
Or, How About A Chimeric Corona Pox Virus?

9 Year Old With No Pre-Existing Conditions
Died 2 Weeks After Pfizer Shot, Latest VAERS
Data Show

1 thought on “44-Year-Old Canadian Doctor Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ – Sixth Canadian Doctor to Die Within Two Weeks

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